Remember when it used to take weeks for Cambridge to learn how its elections turned out?

Cambridge Day has preliminary results from last night's voting.

In Somerville, meanwhile, the Globe reports Bernie backers won "a heptad" of aldermanic races - seven, for those not up on their obscure Greek terms. Also a winner: Joe Curtatone.

Newton elects first woman mayor.

Framingham elects first mayor.



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    Que Payaso Triste

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    No story on the Boston election yet on Uhub, so I'll post here. Payaso came in dead last in the at large election for City Council. Even Al Garrison beat him. According to some commenters on Uhub , Payaso spent $1 million of his own money, and ended up wth only 6000 votes.

    MICHELLE WU 64978 24.47%
    AYANNA S PRESSLEY 57479 21.64%
    MICHAEL F FLAHERTY 51621 19.44%
    ANNISSA E GEORGE 45524 17.14%
    ALTHEA GARRISON 18239 6.87%
    DOMINGOS DAROSA 11634 4.38%
    WILLIAM A KING 8756 3.30%
    PAT PAYASO 6113 2.30%
    Write-in Votes 1230 0.46%