Repeat drunk driver tries his hand at a scooter, but it doesn't end well, DA says

A Chelsea man with six OUI convictions under his belt now faces a seventh after he was nabbed in a seriously inebriated state near a scooter parked on Nonantum Road in Brighton last night, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Peter McIssac, 53, was also charged with making threats of death, injury or substantial property damage because after he was booked at the Brighton State Police barracks - into which he had to be helped in by troopers because he fell out of a cruiser - he:

Allegedly became very angry and began threatening troopers, their families, and others. He allegedly stated that he had access to firearms and would “kill 15 people,” including uniformed officers, “random civilians,” and children, because he "was wronged."

McIssac, who the DA's office says blew a .185 on a breath test - more than twice the state allowed maximum - will remain locked up until a July 14 dangerousness hearing as a potential menace to the rest of us, Brighton Municipal Court Judge Myong J. Joun ruled.

McIsaac has OUI convictions from Middlesex County in 1985, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993, the DA's office reports.

The DA's office provided this account of the events leading to his arrest around 10:20 p.m:

State troopers came across McIsaac’s red 2017 Agility scooter stopped along Nonantum Road at about 10:20 last night. Its lights were off and two men were standing nearby. When troopers approached, the men walked away in different directions.

The first man told troopers that McIsaac had picked him up on the scooter earlier, and that they had stopped at a liquor store before hanging out together. They were on their way back to McIsaac’s home when the scooter ran out of gas just moments before the troopers arrived.

As troopers spoke to this man, McIsaac allegedly staggered toward them and stated that he owned the scooter. The troopers immediately noted his slurred speech and detected the strong odor of alcohol as he spoke.

“I’m very intoxicated,” he allegedly added.

Troopers ran McIsaac’s license status and learned that it had been revoked. Based on McIsaac’s unsteadiness on his feet, troopers determined that field sobriety tests could result in him falling and injuring himself. Having formed an opinion that McIsaac was intoxicated and had moments earlier been operating the scooter, troopers took him into custody.

Innocent, etc.



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well at least he surely

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well at least he surely refrained from OUI between 1993 and now

Ha ha ha!

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The guy's an irresponsible idiot, and deserves some time in the clink. He's a danger to other people, as well as himself. How the hell can this guy still be on the road? It practically defies belief that his license to drive any kind of a motor vehicle hasn't been permanently revoked at this point!

Seventh DUI Man is up against

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Seventh DUI Man is up against driver who shot a guy for towing his vehicle and cab driver who hit 10 people on a sidewalk for Mr Boston Driver of the Summer 2017. What driver will enter the competition next and which of these losers will be crowned the winner?! There will be dozens more entrants so stay tuned.


Westborough too MetroWest?

You forgot the woman who ran a light, crossed the yellow line, and plowed a cyclist waiting at a red light and then kept driving! (and the cops are just asking questions, not jailing her as a hazard to humanity that she is).


(and the cops are just asking

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(and the cops are just asking questions, not jailing her as a hazard to humanity that she is).

Um, they usually ask questions before deciding whether or not to indict someone (it's called an INVESTIGATION) - even if they have a prior record for driving offenses. Oh wait, she hit a CYCLIST, not another car**. Forget those pesky Constitutional requirements that require an indictment, a trial, and a verdict - gotta lock her up immediately and throw away the key immediately.

Now if she were 16, you'd probably argue that punishing her at all would be far too severe an action.

** quick refresher - Bicycles are legally VEHICLES, just the same as cars when it comes to traffic laws and regulations, and should be treated as such - even when investigating crashes.


Oh honey

1. I know what an investigation is - my father did them professionally, sometimes conferring with me on how road bikes encounter sand, etc.

2. She did a hit and run - that's a sign that she should be charged with a crime in most places. The absurdity of repeat interviews is just a cover for simply not wanting to arrest dangerous drivers for anything - even when their negligent or criminal actions maim and kill.

3. You are so naive if you think that a cyclist - or a driver - who is smashed into when stopped at a red light is to blame for the other driver not stopping at a red light, for the other driver crossing the line, for the other driver not stopping ... just because BICYCLE. Actually, not naive - you are an idiot..

4. you need to grow up and understand that certain people should not be driving - sounds like you may be one of them.



"1. I know what an investigation is - my father did them professionally, sometimes conferring with me on how road bikes encounter sand, etc."

Well...was he any good? Just asking because maybe he was good and you just preferred to live in all those trailer parks.

(I took a refresher course in 'ad hominem'.)

" Actually, not naive - you are an idiot..
4. you need to grow up and understand that certain people should not be driving - sounds like you may be one of them."

OK, proper ellipses have three periods, OK? Get it right if you are going to personally insult everybody here that makes a comment that rustles your jimmies.


Police don't need an

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Police don't need an indictment before they arrest someone.


You can't arrest her by statue SwirlyGirl.....

So that is probably the reason she wasn't arrested.

Unless you want the police in this country to arrest people for things they can't be arrested for and not ask any questions. I'm pretty sure that isn't what you meant.


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Referring to the incident a couple days ago? The area where she got hit has no traffic lights within probably a mile.


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I have been behind this dude three times coming home from work - once calling the cops myself on him - and can tell you he's a piece of work. He was obviously inebriated- weaving all over the road, stopping short in the middle of the street, and slowing down to 5 mph in a 30 mph zone (all while weaving so no one could pass, backing up traffic all the way from Cleveland Circle to Hammond Pond Parkway), and cussing out anyone who honked at his terrible behavior. If I remember correctly, he was even wearing his helmet unstrapped at one point. If it really is the same guy (and I doubt there are many red agility scooters in Brighton), I'm glad he got caught before he hurt anyone.

You would think after the 3rd or 4th OUI, he'd be banned from all vehicle operation.

When are people going to

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When are people going to realize the only thing that prevents drivers with revoked licenses from driving is jail. Revoking the license just gets them into more trouble when hey get caught driving. Something this guy avoided for quite a while.

Next time he'll be on a bicycle and probably shouldn't be trusted with a big wheel.