Reporter sums storm up: 'Jesus!'

WBZ's Bill Shields was standing at Plymouth Rock around 12:30 p.m., after he had been forced to put on goggles because of the high winds. He began shuffling to show us something. "Jesus!" he exclaimed, as the wind almost knocked him over.

Meanwhile, down in Sandwich, WBZ's Beth Germano and NBC Boston's Susan Tran both struggled not to be swept out into the angry sea. Tran brought a large yellow scarf with her to hold aloft to prove that it was, in fact, windy. Dan Hausle, also on a beach in Sandwich, picked up some flotsam, or possibly jetsam.

WCVB's David Bienick was standing by at the Charlton rest stop on the turnpike, where he scooped out some snow with his hand before running after some guy getting in his car to ask him, in so many words, what kind of idiot he was. WCVB later showed us a viewer photo of a ruler stuck in the snow, followed by another viewer photo of a patio table covered by snow.



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    I still don't understand

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    I still don't understand why the local news has to stay on the air all day covering this. Snow is snow and after a while there is nothing new to say. And they passed that point about eight hours ago.

    Also in Plymouth ...

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    WFXT's Robert Goulston unwrapped a spool of yellow crime-scene tape so that we could confirm with our own eyes that the wind was, in fact, whipping.

    Meanwhile on Cape Cod

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    Man it's so damn windy here... like REALLY windy. The wind started this morning and has just gotten worse. Power has flickered several times over and over again. But hasn't fully gone out yet.. but we will see if it does. Have little faith it will stay on thru the night.

    Snow started around 11ish.. but didn't really start coming down until an hour or so ago.

    The sea here is very chopping. I went walking around around noontime to snap some pictures... well the wind was so strong near the water, it took my cell phone right out of my hand and threw it a few feet!


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    Sounds somewhat higher than WCVB's typical reporting standards.


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    I have a feeling TV reporters must be smart people. But sometimes I think they aren't.

    Fox25 clear winner

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    Fox25 reporter held aloft an empty trash bag to capture that yes, wind is windy when it snows. Their reporters also were equipped with handheld infrared thermometers to show that yes, snow is cold.

    Thank God for them. I

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    Thank God for them. I remember the days when we used to have to look out the window and stick our heads out the door.