Riding every single MBTA bus route

It took him four years, but Miles has now ridden all the bus routes the T has.



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    That's not bad,

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    Considering it takes 8 months to get from one end of the 66 route and back.

    What about the hidden bus

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    What about the hidden bus lines not normally open to the public for MBTA and other special public employees?

    He took some of the "special" routes

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    In fact, if you click on the link, you'll see it's a review of a bus that runs just once a day, intended for addicts getting out of the Shattuck (well, a Pine Street Inn facility at the Shattuck).

    Are they prohibited?

    It sounds as if no MBTA route is prohibited at this point, it's just that some run at such specific schedules as to make them unappealing for anyone except their target ridership. Supposedly there used to be someone checking to make sure only the homeless were on the bus headed for Long Island but route will never come back.

    Miles' blog is incredible. His write-ups are all fun to read and packed with a lot of detail. He's ridden on many of the systems beyond the MBTA as well.

    good to know about Miles blog

    I've dabbled using T buses for transportation in parts of the city I do not live in. I ended up walking a 5 mile bus route on a Friday night to get to another bus route to get to the blue line to get to the orange line to get home.