Roslindale restaurant owner pledges to help neighbors deal with urinating, vomiting, screaming customers

Neighbors of Guira & Tambora, 4014 Washington St., yesterday asked the Mayor's Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing to help them with what they said was unbearable conduct of restaurant patrons after closing on Sunday and Monday nights.

Restaurant owner Felipe Duran and his attorney said that while people's behavior once they leave the restaurant is outside their control, they will attempt to have bouncers get customers to leave the area, rather than linger nearby.

Nearby resident Sophia Apostola said she has seen guards after closing in the neighborhood. But rather than trying to shoo customers away, they've joined the impromptu party, going "hey, how you doing?" she said.

Duran, who lives just three blocks away from his restaurant, said he would look into that and would add additional security if necessary.

Apostola and resident Kingsley Odiase told a hearing officer that restaurant patrons have vomited and urinated on people's lawns and frequently have screaming conversations, sometimes with each other across the street, sometimes just on phone calls.

Apostola said she used to complain to people, but now she just dials 911. "I've been threatened by patrons."

Duran's attorney, Matthew Eckel, said his client is taking steps to reduce noise from the restaurant itself, including installation of more noise-resistant windows and a new entry vestibule that should "trap" more noise. Also, Duran is now closing up at 10:45 p.m., rather than his licensed 11 p.m., and has posted signs on the restaurant patio asking patrons to be respectful of neighbors, Eckel said.

The residents emphasized they only have a problem two nights a week, when, they said, Guira & Tambora is turned into "an illegal nightclub."

Duran and Eckel denied the restaurant is run as a nightclub on Sundays and Mondays. "It's a restaurant full time," Eckel said. They did not proffer any possible explanation as to why residents might only have a problem those nights.

Licensing hearing officer Chayla White took no immediate action on the hearing.




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    I can't tell what your point is. That looks like a birthday dinner celebration for someone.


    Samba in Somerville is like this, and the city is protecting 'em

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    I used to live near "Samba" on Somerville Ave and they'd blast their sound system so loud you could hear it more than a block away.

    Then there'd be the people screaming at each other on the sidewalk, urinating on the sidewalks, racing their cars and motorcycles up and down the street.

    Every time I called 911 I'd get the same female 911 dispatcher and she'd chew me out about how they "aren't doing anything wrong and we have a detail officer there."

    So screaming and yelling and reckless driving at 1AM is "nothing wrong" and I never saw anyone in uniform, EVER.

    So who's the owner of Samba paying off?



    This never happened with it was Yucatan Tacos

    Gary, you've never been to a restaurant where there's a lot of hoopla when a birthday cake is brought out? For real?


    Loud Music + DJ + Bouncers = Nightclub

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    I went there once with my kids at 5 pm on a Sunday night. It was so loud, I couldn't hear the waitresses and they couldn't hear me because of the volume of the music. Yes it was a restaurant, but felt more like a club...


    Cultural differences?

    I mean if they're serving food with waitresses, that's a restaurant, just not one you like to go to with your kids (which is fine!)

    Dogwood has kind of loud acoustic guitar music on the weekend for example.



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    The Dogwood had someone playing an acoustic guitar, not pumping bass through speakers - also the Dogwood never, as far as I read, had an issue with neighbors. Your comparison is awful.


    Same concept

    Music at dinner - very different at the two paces yes but it's not like this is some unheard of concept is my point.

    Stephon voice:

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    Stephon voice:

    Roslindale's hottest nightclub is Guira & Tambora. It's got everything: birthday cakes, vomit, guys saying "how you doin'"?, and... MTV's Dan Cortese.