Roslindale Square getting a Cajun seafood restaurant

Roslindale Village Main Street reports Shaking Seafood, "a New Orleans Cajun-style seafood restaurant," will replace the large ceramic tiger and elephant statues of Jerusalem Trading on Poplar Street.

Shaking Seafood will offer a casual seafood dining experience at affordable prices. Jenny and John's other restaurants are known for their fresh seafood and unique menu: the seafood and sides are tossed with a spice-blend in a bag -- and then simply served in that bag.

The owners hope to open in December or January, with 89 seats and the possibility of live music.



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Not my style of food, but

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Not my style of food, but glad to see a new business popping up. Hopefully there's plenty of other people who like Cajun to support them!

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are there no Viet-Cajun places for us ampersandophiles?

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That's a big space, hope they can pull it off.

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