Roxbury city-council district gets second declared candidate


Kim Janey, a community organizer and project manager at Massachusetts Advocates for Children, announced tonight she's running for the District 7 City Council seat currently held by Tito Jackson.

Janey joins Rufus Faulk in announcing a bid for the two-year seat in this fall's elections.

Jackson has yet to say if he will run for re-election, run for mayor or both.



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I'd vote for an auto mechanic

over any of these people based on experience. Can somebody run for this who has actually satisfied a customer, who paid with money?

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So only former business owners need to apply?

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I'm not sure I follow your logic, not the I disagree per se. But I'm unfamiliar with Ms Janey, so what's wrong with her record? I've gone on record saying I would not vote for Tito, and have reservations about Faulk, but what's the knock on this young lady?

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All activism is begging

All activism is really begging the powerful for something. I'd like to see somebody who has accomplished something on their own terms.

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Article 2.3 of the City of Boston new Contract for Steno Svcs

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Change at a City Council re the Stenographic Record of Public Meetings of Boston City Council a) for ESL English as Second Language folks, b) for hard of hearing folks, c) for the Deaf Community, d) for all folks... Article 2.3 of the City of Boston new Contract for Stenographic Services. A more open City Council with the good works of the current Council President Wu, Contract available at

What effects do Boston City Council Agendas have on metropolitan area neighbors, on neighboring City Councils, on neighboring Boards of Aldermen, on neighboring Boards of Selectmen, on neighboring Town Meetings? Many folks live their lives in the City and are neighbors outside the Precincts

Council Candidates' Campaigns get support from many folks living their lives in the City and are also neighbors outside the Precincts. Many Bostonians and Boston leadership also live elsewhere.

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As someone who actually lives

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As someone who actually lives in Boston, and is an active participant of the d/Deaf and hard of hearing community, we do not give a fuck about the stenographic record.

What d/Deaf people actually need is a video relay phone in the lobby of City Hall.

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Surveying every participant.

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Survey more participants please!

How do we advocate for this device, the video relay phone?... the City Councilor for Allston is no use

Nor the City of Boston Disabilities Commission

For the video relay phone let's try Council President Wu?

Video Relay Phone"video+relay+phone"&tbm=isch

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That's great!

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Kim Janey is an incredible advocate for children and for their education. She has worked at Mass Advocates for Children for a long time.

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Kim Janey is an ideal canidate

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Janey has worked for years on behalf of the children of Boston through her work at Mass. Advocates for Youth. She is a lifelong resident of Boston, and lives in the Dudley Neighborhood. Janey also volunteers across Boston, and advocates for her neighborhood. I will be support her, and will be excited to welcome a fifth woman to the city council of Boston.

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