Ruffling some feathers on the T

Longwood turkeys

Kristin Bridier spotted this pair beating it out of Brookline this morning.



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they were on perkins street yesterday at the peak of rush hour in the middle of the street

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Fat and tasty

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When the turkeys in my area want to go turkey a mano with me I pull out the roasting pan. Detente remains.

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T9 is no friend of fowl

We could make the trains run on time, and offered our 'assistance' to the MBTA.

The management told us to wait for a Monsieur Godot, whom has experience at Keolis, but alas his tram never arrived.

Eventually when Governor Dukakis bid us good day this morning we, decided as all early birds are wont to do, went about our other liberation activities.

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Not auto correct

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It's hard to do apostrophes when your typing method is hunt and peck.

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MBTA will form a Task Force

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The MBTA will form a task force and hire consultants to figure out why turkeys cross the tracks. After a two year study and millions spent on consultants the answer will be "To get to the other side!"

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Why don't roundsome of these well fed

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birds up, and give them to organizations that feed the homeless?In Maine this is often done with roadkill deer.

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