The Russians are landing, the Russians are landing

Russian jet lands at Logan Airport in Boston

We don't get many Russian planes landing at Logan. Tamas K-L captured a Russian cargo jet touching down on Saturday, bearing a replacement engine for a Portuguese jet temporarily stranded here.

If that looks like a lot of wheels, you're right, as Matt Hintsa shows us in photos taken from Deer Island during the plane's approach:

Chris Wetherson watched it take off that evening:



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    I wonder if we'll ever see a

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    I wonder if we'll ever see a BOS-SVO non-stop route on Aeroflot. With the nice new shiny Terminal E perhaps they'd entertain the route on their new A359 whenever they take delivery of it.

    It's a Successful Business

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    The Russians have, I've been told, made a successful business of transporting large/heavy cargo on short notice. Including carry U.S. Air Force Reserve helicopters to a training location (when the USAF could not provide the 'lift').

    A Lot of Wheels, Because ...

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    Probably to enable the aircraft to operate to/from less developed runways than Logan has. It's a characteristic of Russian aircraft designs.