Sculptor tries out her work in the Public Garden

Nancy Schon on one of the Ducklings statues in the Public Garden

The Friends of the Public Garden snapped sculptor Nancy Schon sitting on Mrs. Mallard on the 30th anniversary of the installation of her Ducklings statues in the Public Garden this past weekend.



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    I can't access Twitter at work. Is the soldier duck mascot explained?

    That's no soldier

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    It's a bit of a mixed metaphor, but it's somebody playing a duck playing Officer Mike.


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    The camo threw me off.

    See the answer below, though

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    Which makes way more sense than mine. For starters, a Boston cop wouldn't have sgt. stripes on his cap. And he wouldn't wear a camo hat (I completely missed the camo when looking at the photo on my phone, alas).

    Question is not allowed

    You must stand and salute the duck soldier without any questions or you are un-American.

    Or wait, is this some kind of anatidaen stolen valor situation?

    Good catch

    Who knows how deep this thing goes. Clearly deep state action.

    Kilroy the BDT Mascot

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    The duck is the mascot of Boston Duck Tours, his name is Kilroy. He is in camo because of the WWII history of the vehicles.


    So it's an advertising campaign photobombing. Well, I guess we could have expected as much.