She sees something, will she say something?

Redcoats in Downtown Crossing

A woman seems to be debating what to do as a couple of Redcoats march past in Downtown Crossing this morning, as Alex Cox shows us.



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They have been roaming DTX this week! This leads to many a "redcoat selfie".

My favorite one this week was the woman in traditional head-to-toe coverage (no veil) grinning broadly between two redcoats while I snapped their pic on her phone.

that is

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the definitive American image

thanks for the chuckle!

Returning to mother country?

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Said this when Reagan was elected. Now that his successor Negan is President it is more true than ever. The U.S. is clearly unable to run itself. This nation elected a top executive position who is a narcissistic lap licker who kisses Putinesque butt, appoints at least one woman to an undefined position because here ??? qualifies her for an undefined position? A man who appoints offspring to top positions, blows millions of tax payer money while his offspring do private business to enhance their already amorally (at best) gotten wealth and is a proven liar and claims he could murder with impunity.

We've elected a legislative body that is the plaster model of hypocrisy and a return to back room legislating. One run by a leadership that wants to bankrupt the government and is willing for millions to live out their lives in suffering and earlier than necessary deaths because they want to cull out the weakest of residents. Culling out the poor (or any skin color) and elderly decreases demands on social services thereby decreasing the size of federal and state governments. And, if the Fundamentalist god is on their side, turn this into a one party nation where only the ruling party approves candidates who are inevitably elected since there is no other political party. After all it is God's will that this should be one nation under one political party under God.

Can the British Parliament be any worse? At the very least they have an apolitical Queen who cares less about who is squashing whom in politics and instead maybe really does care about the average Joe (albeit in spit of the who ha about pageantry and aristocracy).

Long live the Queen!

May I add

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All that typing to say nothing

Long live the Queen??? Here's a different thought.

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I told this story on Uhub once before but I just cant help myself again. I found myself in a bar in Limerick, Ireland years ago. I bunch of lads were at a table drinking and periodically shouting "Fuck the Queen!". I despise royalty and so did those lads.


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You are definitely worse to be a "Subject" of the Queen, than live in a nation with civil asset forfeiture, for profit prisons, police with paramilitary gear, and debtor's prisons.

Excuse me,

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Have you ever lived in the UK?

I can imagine them checking

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I can imagine them checking out the Revolutionary War monuments and thinking, "Why do they keep honoring these traitors?"