Shell shocked: TSA puts the pinch on huge lobster at Logan

Big lobster at Logan

TSA posted this photo of a TSA agent at Terminal C at Logan Airport holding the 20-lb. lobster he found in a cooler that had been checked for travel to an unspecified location.

TSA regulations let you jet around the country with a live lobster, although it's supposed to be in a clear container. The Globe reports this is so TSA can visually inspect the crustaceans.



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      Agree with Bernstein

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      David Bernstein asked on Twitter if the TSA is really supposed to be opening up your stuff to take 'cool' photos or not so much.

      Seems like a largely incompetent organization trying to gin up a friendlier face by using the stuff entrusted to them as props.

      True that

      I really hope the Tub Stacking Administration did this with the owner's permission.


      Wouldn't want anyone from Al-Hormanus Americanus causing some kind of trouble up there.

      What doesn't get posted

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      are all the photos TSA agents take with more 'interesting' items the find when ransacking our luggage. Those are just shared with friends. Time to dismantle TSA and Homeland Security.


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                ( and ultimately, delicious! )

      Today I learned

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      that lobsters were in the same phylum as spiders and centipedes.

      I knew there was reason I never liked them.


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      Here's someone who hasn't forgotten the face of his father.

      140 year old lobster for dinner?

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      Experts multiply the weight x 7 to get the lobster's age so this one was 140+ years old. Most lobstermen will take a few pics and toss these back at sea out of respect. Curious, was this one seized by TSA or allowed to remain as "checked baggage?" Sad either way that it wound up as a prop at Logan.

      I want to say this is "cool"

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      I want to say this is "cool" but it seems like a wild breach of privacy that they are taking pictures with things we are checking onto airplanes and posting it onto Twitter. I also get that he had to inspect the lobster, or whatever, but the extra time they took to snap the shot was more time that the lobster was out of the cooler.

      We don't even know what that lobster was for. It may have been dinner or it may have been going to an aquarium or some other facility.

      I have a hard enough of a time being ok with law enforcement types posting pictures of things they confiscate and what not. Even worse when they literally have no reason to be that nosey.