Two shot at Cambridge Caribbean festival; suspect in custody

Around 4:45 p.m. at 200 Tech Square off Main Street, Joshua Fabian reports.

Cambridge Police report both victims are expected to survive injuries to the lower parts of their bodies.

Michael Coleman, 23, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with the shootings, police say, adding they recovered a gun.

Police then shut the carnival, about 90 minutes early.

MIT urged people nearby to shelter indoors.

About a half hour later, police responded to a report of gunfire on River Street near William Street in Central Square. They found a house on William Street hit by gunfire, but no injured people. Officers recovered a gun, police say.



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What is causing this?

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And wasn't there also a shooting at the Caribbean Festival in Dorchester in 2015? Specifically what is happening at these Caribbean festivals that is causing this amount of shootings? Thousands of people gather at the North End festivals without shootings. Even the St. Patrick's Day Parade, outdated nuisance that it is will all the drunken, loutish behavior, one never hears about a shooting.


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Your question implies racism I think? I'm trying to get better at this.


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I'm working on trying to understand peoples' thinking on these message boards... thought the whole thing was definitely racist.


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Its a statistical question. If there are more shootings at Place A than at Place B, which has fewer shootings or none, it is not unfair to ask what might be causing the larger amount of shootings at Place A. And, as pointed out in another post, the Cambridge Police clearly anticipated trouble, setting up extra cameras, barriers, etc. So trouble at this event would seem to be a known quantity.

True, but

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If someone is viewing those from the Caribbean as a subset of blacks, it is racist.

My 2 cents on these comments is that if some of the same race or ethnicity or whatnot is asking the question, it's racist or whatnot. If some is asking from the outside, it is. Being Irish, I find some of the activities undertaken by Irish Americans around the Feast of St. Patrick to be abhorrent, but if someone without Irish blood says anything, I'd be offended.

Yes but

Boston's Caribbean Carnivals ( Franklin Park and Cambridge) focus on West Indians and Haitians. They include almost nothing of the Latin cultures from the Caribbean.

No it doesn't

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Haitian celebrate during the Haitian Parade!

If you have to try that hard

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Then you're probably looking for something that's not actually there.

You can still question things without being a racist.

Have you even been to the

Have you even been to the Caribbean Carnivals? I love attending. The music, the costumes, they are incredible and I hope every one gets the chance to witness this culture blossoming in our own backyard. . But yes it is definitely a rowdy crowd. A lot of fights and you will see violence.

I do not care how fantastic

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I do not care how fantastic the music is or any other feature of the event if violence is expected to be par for the course.

Not rowdy when I was there

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I went yesterday for the first time & didn't find it the least bit rowdy. Full of good food & good music, but not rowdy.
I was there fairly early, though. Maybe that makes a difference.

Probably because there are

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Probably because there are people from different nations as well as neighborhoods as opposed to a homogeneous group like all Irish or all Italian whose organized crime has dropped since they have more class mobility. I know back in the day everything wasn't always so peaceful in the north end and southie.


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Concentrated poverty + marginalization.

Italians and Irish and Jews were the gangbangers in years past.

I'm going to stop this back

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I'm going to stop this back and forth sh**t. The reason why shootings historically happen at the Caribbean Festivals is simply and truthfully due to the gangs. As usual, the gangs have to ruin it for everyone. I used to go the Caribbean Festival in Franklin Park since I was young. Now we don't go because of them. The food at the Caribbean Fest is the best out of all Boston festivals, hands down. The costumes are unbeatable. But the damn gangs and their stupid anger issues suck.

And who forms gangs?

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People living in areas of concentrated poverty and marginalization, that's who.

You get a little power any way you can.

The white ones in past times get romanticized is all.

See also: Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Segal
Al Capone and Carlo Gambino
The North Side Gang (Valentine's Day Massacre) and Whitey Bulger