Skyward in Everett

Big windmill

There's a little DCR park along the Mystic River behind Assembly Row in Somerville, where you can get a good view of the Amelia Earhart Dam, the new casino and smokestacks of the old Mystic Generating Station.



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It's a shame that Draw 7 park

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It's a shame that Draw 7 park was destroyed by dumping snow there in 2015. It used have soccer games all the time, now it's just overgrown.

they want to do artificial turf

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Current turf designs involve toxic components that have been shown to leach into the waters.

A citizen group wants natural organic turf. The watershed association is concerned about runoff from artificial turf into the river, but also conventionally maintained natural turf. The city is happy to roll over and do what DCR says, but the citizens and those who protect the river say otherwise.


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Citizens are capable of putting pressure on DCR. They did just that when DCR put a product from ground up old truck tires in 2 or 3 play lots in the South West Corridor in JP. They raised a stink when they pointed out their kids were not feeling well after being there; that the off gassing was a potential problem; that there was no knowledge of where the tires used came from, therefore could not know what they were made up of, chemically ...

I know Adam wrote about it, but my UHub Google-fu is weak today.

The point is, if you're not happy with how Somerville is pressuring them, find a more loud way as residents to push the issue. They may have to install the bad stuff to really hear the complaints as they did in JP.

Seriously - where's the Mystic River 7 or whatever their name is? They could hold off an Ikea going in to that area, they should be able to hold off DCR installing what you call Toxic Turf.

Actually, changing the subject - I'd be curious to see if the vehicle count at Assembly Sq is different now than the projected Ikea vehicle count. But that's a topic for a different day.

Back to you - get your Activist pants on and make your voice heard better.

Draw 7 Park is between the Mystic River Locks

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and Wellington Station - the park is almost exactly opposite Assembly Station. The name of the park comes from the B&M Eastern Route drawbridge that used to be there before they constructed the current high level bridge in the mid-1980s.

And how is that an agency responsible for conservation is even allowed to specify artificial turf for an outside playing field that is currently natural grass? Probably because it doesn't cast shadows or something like that.

Mayor doesn't want that bridge

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Never mind that it will bring resort people into the shopping area. He's in an ego battle with Wynn.