Snow storm, purloined trash can, space saver anger, cat turds and a handwritten note



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I would call my doctor's office, and police.

My favorite part

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The person is upset that the driver (the roommate of the guy who wrote this) parked in an unshoveled spot in front of their house that had the driver's own trash can out on the street. It's kind of like what others who are against space saving claim to do, but they could pull it off without even being passive aggressive- they could just take the can and put it in their house (or wherever they put it.)

So many violations of the code there.

Unplowed spot marking

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I have a new neighbor who didn't have their car in a spot during either of the last two storms but then parked in an unshoveled spot. Both times, they have marked their unshoveled spot for longer than anyone marked their shoveled spot. Just the exact opposite of the intent of the space saver concept.

In front of my house

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The 3 cars in front of my house still have things out when the cars aren't there (and no, none of them are mine, but I know the people, obviously.) Two of them were meticulously cleared, those jobs that took an hour of backbreaking work each. The other one, well, it's by my driveway, so he cleared the pile of snow by the driveway, pulled out, and put something down. It looks like bare minimum, but on the other hand he did something very creative to get his car out.

Too much work for my guy

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He just backs his Ford Explorer into the space without touching a shovel and then marks the space for days afterwards.

there is no intent of the space saver concept except me me me!

This is a fake matter of honor and/or courtesy. People mark parking spots because they are afraid there will not be an open spot when they return. People shovel out there spots because their car doesn't have 4 wheel or all wheel drive. It is completely fake to complain about people that don't shovel. Basically you need to find common ground with your neighbors and that requires compromise. All i ever see in these parking story comments is "everyone should do it my way, cause i am morally/logically/natively superior".

Heaven forbid, neighbors should change their ways to reflect shared needs.

Wait, what?

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So the common good that happens when everyone shovels out a space is that within a few days of the storm is that there is the usual assortment of parking spots available on the street and clear of snow for anyone to park in. When someone doesn't shovel a spot, fine there is less available parking inventory. It happens. However to claim a spot that they weren't parked in and, this is key, didn't clear during the storm for longer than the neighbors is just being a dick. I mean, I think we have common ground on my street. Most spots get shoveled out and marked for 2-3 days. That's the common ground.

Is it completely fake to complain about people who don't shovel their sidewalks too? I mean, just walk in the street if you aren't wearing boots, right?

thanks for providing an example of my observation.

none of this is up to you.

Property owners are required to shovel the sidewalk by city regs. The city plows and salts the street.

There are many personal choices and factors as to whether someone will dig out their car. All you are doing is judging these choices and not admitting that you are advocating what is best for you. Since space saving is a not real, the length of time and the process for "earning" that amount of time is fake.

but you are so smart, you can print up rules and put them on everyone's windshields. I bet everyone will appreciate your wisdom! why talk to neighbors and learn their needs and wants. that's for stupid people.

It is a good thing

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I do not live in this neighborhood, or deal with street parking anymore, because if this showed up on my car, with a literal trail of cat litter leading back to the perpetrator's house, the offending cat turds would be rediscovered in the offender's mailbox the next day.


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YOU ARE NOT IN LOW POPULATION DENSITY SUBURBAN FILL-IN-THE-BLANK ANYMORE....You are in a high population density, busy big city (urban) area, AND THERE IS NOT ENOUGH SPACE FOR ALL THE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE VEHICLES you are so accustomed to....'natives' who are used to living in a large urban setting are well aware of the this, and adopted the custom of using a space saver for the spot they cleaned. This was a mutually respected custom until the most recent influx of highly sophisticated, urbane, young suburban 'professionals' arrived on the scene.


This was a mutually respected custom of local droolers whose extended family all lived in one triple-deckah and shared a cah until the most recent influx of highly sophisticated, urbane, young suburban 'professionals' arrived on the scene. Aunt Marhgret sold the place to yuppies and moved to Quinzee.

If that had been me...

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I would have:

* Left it as it was.
* Called the police.
* Show the responding officer(s) everything.
* Then show the officer(s) the trail of kitty litter leading from the car to the neighbor's residence.
* Watch neighbor turn white as a ghost, when she opens door and is greeted by police officer(s).

Karma is a bitch, indeed.