In the snow, the trolley went slow

Trolley in the snow in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.



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    Dorchester Avenue

    Dot Ave, between Centre Ave and Cheverus Road on the left, Whitten and King Street on the right, just north of St. Mark's.

    The plow is coming from the Fields Corner area towards Ashmont.

    The house on the left (1707 Dorchester Ave) has been altered. The house to the right of that with the somewhat mansard roof is gone and has been gas station for decades. The house to the right of the trolley (corner of Centre Ave) has not changed much. A girl I went to grammar school who I had a love / hate crush on in first grade used to live there.

    Sorry, when you have walked / ridden your bike / driven past something many times for decades, things stand out.

    I clicked the clicky

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    Asking myself "jeez, I wonder how many comments it is going to take for someone to give a detailed and spot-on answer?" (My answer was "well, it's a Type 5.")

    The answer to that question, apparently, was 1.

    You're right

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    I got thrown by the 5100. Then realized that a 5 wouldn't have been converted to plow duty so early.

    One of its brethren made it damn near 100 years and is not off at the Trolley Farm.

    Type 5s were never converted

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    Type 5s were never converted to plows even in later years because they were lightweight cars with small wheels, not a good plow. Type 3s were big heavy cars with larger wheels (and a higher floor) than a Type 5.

    Wild Guess

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    From the angle of the homes, I'm going to take a wild guess and say Dorchester Street in South Boston. It's difficult to read the destination listed on the trolley, but if it says "Andrew Station" that would support my guess.

    I posted my guess before

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    I posted my guess before seeing John C's detailed response - I defer to his expertise!!!

    Cool stuff!

    Here's a plow car in action!

    IMAGE(<a href="">[/img]

    Excellent response, but I

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    Excellent response, but I agree with SFPD12. Who cares about the trolley, or the location ? I want to know about the car. Not whose it is, but what it is. What make ? What year ? It's a beautiful car.

    Thanks for playing, folks!

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    Thanks for playing, folks! Wow, we're impressed with John's detailed memory! He's absolutely correct. This is Plow 5110 headed down Dorchester Avenue towards Ashmont on November 25, 1938. Centre Avenue is behind the car.


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    What happened to the girl?