Somebody steals charity-boot box from North End fire station

WBZ reports somebody cut the cable holding a box used to collect donations for muscular dystrophy from in front of the Hanover Street fire station early Monday and took all the money - while firefighters were out on a call.



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I've walked past that fire

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I've walked past that fire station with a donation boot sitting outside. God I hope this filth gets caught.


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If left unattended, it's just an invitation to steal it.

I agree bugs

Like bugs bunny stated they left the donation boot unattended, Myself n Bugs Bunny think they should have put a fourth even bigger lock n chain to the boot.Better yet Bugs when boot comes back we should insist to mayors office fireman should be armed and two men should sleep outside on either side of the boot. Bugs try n take a trip out of the North End this year.

The Boot not only a dirt bag but a dumb dirtbag

That's truly a scum bag move they will catch the thief then again he may have needed to feed his family or can't find a job ,That scum is up their with the worst 8f he gets caught I bet u dimes 2 donuts he retires gets a full fat pension and never sees a jail cell!! I'm Sorry I thought I was talking about Our ex hero Chief of the BOSTON FIRE ACADEMY.He was so broke he had to sell equipment or gear to the new recruits even though the City of Boston already bought n paid for this equipment for the recruits in academy. IF WE VOTED I'd vote the fire Chief was a bigger scumbag then they guy who stole the boot. How long did our BFD chief do in jail? How much time will the man who stole the boot full of change do in jail?????