Soon to be empty husk of Globe building in Dorchester remains unloved, unbought

The Boston Business Journal reports that for the second time, a buyer has walked away from the Globe plant on Morrissey Boulevard that will soon be empty of people as the outlet moves its publishing operations to Taunton and its editorial and sales departments to State Street.



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My guess is after the phase 2

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My guess is after the phase 2 environmental and the fact that it is next to, if not in, a flood plain is an issue. No surprises here. Especially when more desirable parcels on Morrissey are being shopped around.

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh

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I lost count at six anti-President Trump stories on the Boston Globe homepage again today. Great business plan. Still, not one journalist has asked the Globe how many subscribers like me, canceled, after the fake Globe front page with predictions that have failed to materialize. After a long time on hold calling the Globe's "Dorchester" number, a lovely woman in Manilla, Philippines told me that "many, many" had canceled the Globe that day. I declined when she begged me with incentives to stay a subscriber.

With the Red Sox hovering around .500 and unable to get a crowd, even on Mother's Day, it's funny to see John Henry's other enterprise in a hole and digging deeper. Perhaps far-left Henry could donate the Morrissey Boulevard site as a homeless shelter and take the tax write-off over several years. Although he has moved to his Cedar Grove mansion, Savin Hill native and former Globe neighbor Marty Walsh would certainly approve after abandoning the homeless on Long Island. I'm sure the liberal reporters and columnists would also approve. Win-win.



"Lost count at six stories .."

Are you sure that's not just as high as you can count?


Re: JohnAKeith Incorrect

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No. I counted six anti-President Trump stories in today's Globe homepage before losing interest. I passed a few algebra and trigonometry classes on the way to the advanced degree, so counting isn't an issue but the personal attacks are most revealing. Good job!



I apologize for the personal attack. I assumed you were a bot. (lol)



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Why are you at the Boston Globe's website if you turned your back on Mr. Henry's paper over a year ago?

I'm a print subscriber and I barely visit the webpage.


Front page is viewable without subscription

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Waquiot, I click on the Boston Globe website to see if there is any exclusive news (rarely) and then hunt it down elsewhere. Usually 90% anti-Trump, which saddens me having attended the weddings and wakes of many great Boston Globe pressmen and drivers who totally disagree with the content but have no say. Their numbers, like the rest of the staff, are quickly diminishing. I reserve the right to glimpse the front webpage each day if only for a laugh.

That said, Globe drivers have told me that between trucks and trains leaking gas, oil, ink etc. that Morrissey Boulevard should be a Superfund site. Meanwhile, the Globe pretends to advance environmental issues.

I, too, have lost count

of the number of times you have told the apocryphal tale of your phone call to the Globe's subscription office. Close to 100?


Fishing lying again - makes it up as he goes along

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Your assertion about the Red Sox attendance is like most of what you say: false.

The attendance at Sunday's game was 35,080 on a rainy, cool day. The attendance was only a few hundred fans less than their average attendance per game for the year. Their current attendance run is plus or minus only a few hundred fan more or less than their average attendance for the last 5 years.

Fish you are a fraud and that is why you have hidden your background. Eventually you will be outed but during the interim keep lying - its entertaining to strip pieces off integrity off you, "Lawman."

Trump nuts aren't interested

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Trump nuts aren't interested in the truth. They voted for a guy who constantly lies and deals in conspiracy theories instead of facts(there are decades worth of examples).

I mean, how could a guy with a 36% approval rating be doing anything wrong?!?

Fenway was empty on Mother's

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Fenway was empty on Mother's Day because it was 45 degrees and raining. Still, the percentage of seats filled were higher than Trump's pathetic approval rating.