South Boston could get another sushi place

The Boston Licensing Board decides Thursday whether to grant a full liquor license to the sushi restaurant Michael Shaw wants to open where Salsa's used to be on Dorchester St.

At a hearing this morning, Shaw's attorney, Michael Brangwynne, said Shaw - noted for his work at the nearby Loco Taqueria - is planning "a first quality, full-service sushi restaurant and bar area" for the space at 118 Dorchester St.

Shaw, who lives in South Boston, said the Perkins Square Restaurant could be open 12 weeks after he receives city OKs.

The mayor's office and the offices of City Councilors Michael Flaherty and Michelle Wu supported the license request.



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Traditional blue collar jobs

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That's what fishing for sushi fish provides.

Except that post-1900 southie residents would look down their nose at fishermen.

oh you newbies...

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southie ended in the early 2000s.

Long live SoBo!

- The Original SoBo Yuppie


Yes, when the first converted

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Yes, when the first converted tenement sold for more than $500K, all was lost and a new era of BoZo's was born.


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Who is putting out space savers?

For the most part newbies are

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For the most part newbies are now and a few random oldies. There really aren't enough oldies to blame space saving on them anymore.



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There are plenty of "oldies" and they put out more than a few space savers.

Ok next snowfall take a drive

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Ok next snowfall take a drive around the neighborhood at around 6a and tell me who is shoveling and leaving the majority of space savers. Bullshit my ass.

On this day?

I thought when Starbucks opened that was doomsday for Southie?

P.S. There is already a sushi place on East Broadway


Also, Seaport

For those who consider it part of "South Boston", there's a sushi place on Seaport Boulevard in the Watermark. (a.k.a., Fort Pt Seaport Parking Lot District)

Several in Seaport

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Yo! Sushi in the Watermark, Yoki Express opening soon at 101 Seaport (restaurant faces Boston Wharf Road), and Empire (all you can eat sushi right now on Mondays), are all in the South Boston Waterfront, just to name a few.

and Legal's

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Legal's counter in front has sushi.

Those of us?

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Those of us who consider the Seaport part of South Boston. Who are you referring to? The federal and state government? Cartographers? Anybody that can read a map? South Boston established 1696, the borders are not up for consideration.


Regardless of what the map and parking passes say

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it is very easy to argue that the Seaport and South Boston are two different neighborhoods. There is no continuity between the two and you can easily determine boundaries for both. Nobody that I know in Boston would say "I'm going to southie for dinner" when they were heading to anywhere on the waterfront.


Borders? 1696?

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A lot of Southie today was dumped into the harbor since then - the "borders" were not established back then - lots of fill since. Nice try, though.

live under a rock ?

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Teryaki House @ 32 West Broadway serving Sushi in Southie for 15 years.

Southie jumped the shark 20 years ago.


its suprising..

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that people don't know the 2 decade old history of gentrification in SoBo.

It started in the late 90s during the dot come boom. and you people call yourselves bostonians???

Go Houston Texans!

- The Original SoBo Yuppie.


betting on sports?

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not my thing. i don't wear track suits.

but i will be rooting for the texans because every time there is a cheat-triots playoff game the quality of life in the city drops. I care about my neighbors and don't want them to have to deal with a bunch of rowdy sports fans. especially the elderly ones and the ones with families.

for their sake hopefully the patsies get eliminated this weekend.

- the original sobo yuppie who is not a troll

You totally missed Slim's

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You totally missed Slim's point sobo. Or maybe you just skew things as needed to fit your little fantasy world. It must suck to go home at night to your little condo and your lonesome little nights.

Occam's Razor suggests otherwise. The self-styled

Original SoBo Yuppie likelier lives in the basement of his folks' home in Belchertown, spinning dreams of city life between four-hour bouts of Warcraft.

Give him Uhub: his feeble trolling here is the only thing that keeps him from wandering further into the woods to set up a lean-to and write a forty-thousand-word manifesto.

Started in the late 90s???

Started in the late 90s??? Gentrification was well underway in the mid 80s in southie, when my mother moved there all the way from the lower mills.


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Wait. I am not the original SoBo Yuppie then??

Mama Murphquake can take that claim.

I heard Lower Mills is now called LoMil.

Moko Japanese Cuisine opened in City Point -- that's right,

City Point -- five years ago. It's pretty good, though I tend to favor the Korean dishes there.

Triple O's successor Slainte in the Lower End gave way to sushi joint Owl Station five years ago, too, though that has since been replaced by The Maiden (which I really like).

Buzz Kill

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Kind of raining on the parade of all the Uhub haters. They really thought this was the first.

There's plenty of fodder on the subject of

dear old Southie's ruination. Let's just get the markers right. Serving sushi hasn't been edgy even in our most hallowed blue-collar enclaves since about the time Clueless was in theaters. I work with plenty of general contractors who prefer Starbucks to Dunks. The City Point Stop and Shop has been carrying kale since the time it was Flanagan's.

The old Southie community has bigger problems than the threat of a doggie bakery moving onto the block. You want to worry about their prospects, focus on the opioid epidemic, not gentrification. Oxy is gutting far more families that have lived there for generations than rising rents or squabbles over street parking.