South Boston Waterfront to get another corporate headquarters - and a celebration of its maritime past

Skanska said today that PTC is leasing 250,000 square feet of space in its new 17-story office tower at 121 Seaport Blvd. and will move its corporate headquarters there from Needham.

PTC, founded in 1985, makes software for "augmented reality" and to connect traditionally "dumb" devices into "Internet of Things" networks. It will move 1,000 employees into the top half of the tower, which, unlike most other buildings around here, has an elliptical shape. PTC has 6,000 employees worldwide.

In a statement, PTC said it expects the new location to help it hire and retain skilled workers who want to be in the heart of a growing technology district.

The company adds it plans to use its "augmented reality" chops to commemorate the district's maritime past:

A “walking museum” is planned for a pedestrian promenade adjacent to the building, celebrating the Boston Seaport's maritime history.



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For what it's worth

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Driving by their current location on Kendrick St in Needham, I have noted that they seem to have a lot of unoccupied space in their building. Dunno if they own that or not, but it would make sense, as a part of "right-sizing" to sell off the big house you no longer need and move a smaller workforce to the center of the action.


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Not quite. I used to work there for 4 years and they have about 1,000 employees within their 3 building campus (at the time it was only 900). Not sure what you're looking at just by driving by but it's a global company so if space looks empty it could because they typically have a fair share of people traveling back and forth to different offices within US, Asia, and Europe. Also some employees have flexible/remote working arrangements.

Woo-Hooo !

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World class, baby!!!!

Am I the only one

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who sees "PTC" and automatically thinks "Positive Train Control"?

Much like Gary C, I go by their headquarters regularly, after driving by Needham Heights Station, so I have trains on the brain when I see the sign.