South End UPS guy runs after package thief, gets package back, delivers it

NBC Boston reports on a hero for our times.



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I was about to right that. In loss prevention, they always tell you.. let the guy have it. The package is fully insured anyways, and no loss in of life (the driver) is worth saving a package.

But Kudos to him for doing that.. many drivers would not.

I challenge you

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to file a claim with UPS someday. Please return to this thread and let us know how that goes.

Is it insured?

UPS can claim they completed the delivery (left it on the steps) and unless the sender had required a signature they'd done. The recipient might be able to claim the loss on their own insurance but would likely to be under the deductible anyway. There's a reasonable chance the recipient would be screwed if the driver didn't take the risk.

The UPS driver is a Good Guy. I'd give him a nice thank-you gift if I was that recipient.

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By default they have 100 bucks in insurance. And if the package was something expensive, the shipper should have insured it for more.


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yeah you're right.. it is the shipper, which is what I meant. I'm tired for a friday...

Noble, but dangerous

When one of my sons worked in Harvard Square, some opiate aficionado swiped their tip jar and he chased him down and tackled him until the cop across the street could come over.

Remembering the then recent "teen worker killed by shoplifter at CVS" story, I chewed him out, and told him that pocket change isn't worth getting stabbed over.Even though it worked out okay this time and got the shitweasel arrested. I offered to "insure" his tip jar for him and coworkers if it happened again, if that would stop them from chasing.

People get killed over this - it isn't worth it. His current employer strictly forbids it.

Missing part of the story;

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Awesome story. My deep thanks to Mr Jones.

And for readers who wanted to know a bit more; . The thief got away. For some weird reason, this is mentioned in the video but missing from the text version. Did all the editors get let go in the shake-up?

Get a P.O. Box

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a private mail box at some place like a UPS store, or have your delivery held at a safer location. This is one of the first things I do if I lived in a location like the South End.

And he sounds like a good, decent guy, but I would suggest he not chase after thieves in the future. The thieve is probably a desperate druggie and desperate people do desperate things.He's lucky he wasn't stabbed or worse. And I doubt his employers and their insurance providers want their employees to go chasing after a package thieve.

That's what I do

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I live on East Brookline St and have a Post Office Box at the Back Bay US Post Office at 133 Clarendon St. UPS, FedEx, and other delivery services will deliver packages there and USPS personnel will hold them, as they would any other package that came in, and leave a yellow card or a locker key in my PO Box).


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UPS won't deliver to US post office boxes.
They all don leather colors and start walking and snapping their fingers in synch as they approach the hapless man in brown.

No seriously they won't dfeliver to them. Learned the hard way when I UPS'd my passport docs to Philadelphia passport agency's PO box. No-go.

If possible, have packages delivered

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to your work address. Not only more secure, but cheaper as well. For those who don't know, UPS adds a fee (they call it a "fuel surcharge ") for delivering to residential addresses.

Make sure it's OK with the Receiving Dept.

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Everyone getting their packages at work is a lot of extra work for them. I know Tufts does not allow you to send your personal packages to work. I'm sure other employers have similar policies.


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I live in a neighborhood where packages disappear all the time. But...

I have registered with FedEx and UPS with an account and registered my street address. I get notification when I am having a package delivered. UPS and FedEx allow you to re-direct the package some where else via the website. I often use UPS Access Point location near me (a corner store).. and they do it for free. (anywhere else there's a small charge)

Isn't a UPS facility also free?

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We have the same system set up, if we won't be home we tell FedEx/UPS to hold it at their nearest depot for us to pick it up.

Lots of semi-fond memories of the UPS hub in South Boston. :)


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Both are free.. UPS in Somerville.. and FedEx in South Boston.

But I just find both of those too out of the way with bad hours.. so I try to use the access point (UPS) or FedEx Office near work for packages. Its easier and more convenient. Plus the Access Point location near me is open till 10pm, and yes they do UPS package pickup until then.

Better still

The best solution for the problem of stolen packages is to put the people who steal packages in cages and keep them there.