South Station bag snatcher may not have realized there was a dog inside the bag

Missing chihuahua: Hercules, stolen at South Station yesterday

Missing Dogs Massachusetts reports Hercules was in a carrier bag snatched yesterday from the South Station bus terminal. He's six years old, two lbs. and was wearing a neon-green harness. If you see him, call 774-955-6541.



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I thought that might be your answer...

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How about I send over Mr. pit-bull instead (not the singer)? Lets make it interesting. I'm taking bets, people.*

*Disclaimer: Hypothetical option only. No pets nor humans, sub or otherwise, will be harmed.


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You started it, I'm ending it. No more from you in this thread, please (ditto for anybody tempted to reply; I think we all know where we all stand).

I started what?

The calls for an assault using an animal? I made my opinions on little rat dogs known. If you have a problem with people reacting predictably to calls for harm to come to them, maybe disallow those particular posts

Maybe the day that someone has their pet stolen

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and are grieving the loss ISN'T the time to opine on what you think of that particular pet. Also, if being an insufferable d-nozz is your special "brand" on here, don't act all wide-eyed when people call you on it.

not wide eyed

but, sally, perhaps if i called for your genital mutilation by way of animal attack for an opinion of yours i didn't like you would feel differently.


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you then threatened to kill said dog. If you want to pretend to be taking said threats seriously, then include your own as well. You want to be an obnoxious troll--deal with the consequences.

ok, sure

i don't like your posts. i hope your genitals get mutilated.



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Where are you?

Surveillance Cameras

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The theft should have been caught on camera. Was the theft reported to the Boston or Amtrak police?

He's safe and he's home!

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He's safe and he's home! Reported by channel 5 news this morning. No details were provided.


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They found this sweet little fellow! Some guy bought him and realized he was a missing pup and he is back home. Saw it on Facebook.