Southborough man missing after Celtics game

The Framingham Source reports Michael J. Kelleher, 23, left the Celtics game at the Garden around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday and has not been seen since.

He's 6'2" and 180 lbs. His phone was last pinged around 9:40 p.m. on Tremont Street downtown, between Winter Street and Temple Place.

Missing poster from Boston Police.



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    Uber Acct activity

    State police report he tried to hire an Uber at around 10 pm, to be picked up behind the Garden, car never arrived. Last "ping" on his phone was between 10 and 11 pm.

    As reported by Globe and WBZ online.

    This Is A Terrbile Pattern

    There is a history of young men, typically early 20's, leaving Boston area bars (and the Garden is the second biggest bar in Boston, behind Fenway), and ending up somehow in the Charles or in the Harbor and in one case, in the Chestnut Hill Reservoir

    There have been at least 11 bodies pulled from the bodies of water around here since 2007 that do not appear to be, according to reports, suicides, only "accidents".

    BPD has been very tight lipped about this but the pattern suggests something may be up. The disappearances seemingly are all during cold weather (Late October to Late March).

    Be careful out there.

    I am not trying to be Kojak here, but something seems amiss.

    I hope this kid is ok.

    You know what?

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    In a city the size of Boston, there are actually FEWER random drownings.

    And I say RANDOM!

    Enough with the tinfoil hat bullshit - drunk young men and water do not mix and that is ALL that is happening here.

    You seem to forget that many of these are easily explained by video surveillance footage.

    Stop it - you are not helping.

    You honestly think all these

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    You honestly think all these young men decided to go swimming in dirty ass water in the winter and all drowned?! Gtfoh

    Yes, because winter = fewer

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    Yes, because winter = fewer witnesses around to help them when they fall in, and colder water so less likely for the drunk people who fall in to survive in the first place. Unless you think this serial killer flies south for the summer or something.

    I've Been Drunk A Few Times In My Life (Understatement)

    I have avoided falling into harbors and rivers. I have also avoided getting hit by cars, which when people state what you have previously stated (cold water / weather means less witnesses), never seems to come up.

    Seems weird that they can avoid most cctv locations, and out fox our dear maniacal driving corps that plies the streets around here before they are found in the water.

    Zachary Marr was literally

    Zachary Marr was literally caught on CCTV falling in the Charles, dude. Takes time to search those tapes.

    Further, a common theme seems to be guys looking for a spot to pee and being drawn to deserted bodies of water. Easy to lose your balance.

    That video was discovered by

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    That video was discovered by a MBTA transit cop who took it upon himself to review the video along the tracks behind the Garden. His administration punished him (an undesirable reassignment so as to not be a documented punishment) for not waiting for someone else to eventually get to it. I wouldn't expect such enthusiasm to be repeated. Sad, but very true, story.

    The reports stated that he

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    The reports stated that he "entered" the water. A definition of "entering" would be welcome.

    Oh, come on

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    He fell in the water and drowned. That's how he entered the water.

    You'll have to ask State Police or the DA's office

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    If you want to satisfy your morbid curiosity. They'll say no, because this isn't a criminal case, at which point you could file a request with the Secretary of State's office under the state public-records law, but you'll probably lose there as well, so if you really want to see it, you'll have to hire a lawyer to sue, and take your chances arguing in court that your right to see the video outweighs the privacy rights of the Marr family.

    You are

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    The Everyman.

    Come on. If you've been drunk, then you've also seen people that absolutely can't hold their liquor and go to cloud nine.

    The last time this happen the MBTA police even got footage of the young man falling in off the north station train tressel.

    Alcohol and water don't mix. Go to any city with bars near bodies of water and it's the same story.

    I hope this guy is ok.

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    But you are taking seriously a "report" from an "investigative blogger" which has been debunked every time it gets brought up. It's really not a mystery why every once in a while an inebriated young man falls in the harbor. Chem trails aren't a thing either.

    No, there is no Smiley Face killer

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    We're a town with a large population of young men frequenting a large number of places where you can get drunk right near a body of water (the harbor, the Charles and the Chestnut Hill Reservoir).

    What happens is very sad and very unfortunate, but young men have been getting drunk and falling into bodies of water forever. The only possibly sinister thing that is going on is we're failing to properly educate them on the dangers of overdrinking. That you've gotten drunk and not fallen in a river is not proof that nobody else has. And, no, I'm just not buying the idea of some vast, decades long conspiracy on the part of every single law-enforcement agency in Boston to cover up the existence of a serial killer.

    Plus, there's another factor going on in our need to find some deeper, darker meaning to all this: These young men are only a fraction of the men who fall into a body of water and drown. But nobody much seems to get alarmed when a homeless man rolls down an embankment into the Muddy River or Fort Point Channel, or stumbles along the Charles and falls in there. Why is that? Why are their deaths somehow different from the others? The answer's pretty obvious, at least to me, but let me know if you need it spelled out explicitly.

    In the meantime, though, I hope that this particular young man shows up somewhere safe. I can only imagine what his family and friends are going through now.

    Drinking establishments

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    Where was this young man last seen? Was he inebriated and if so, why was he served alcohol?
    Good points about lack of pubic concern about the homeless who drown.

    The bars can only do so much

    Someone can be coherent and sound fine only to have affects of one too many drinks hit them only after they walk out of the establishment. You can't expect bartenders to know people's personal limits if they aren't acting overly drunk.

    This has nothing to do with the missing man. Hopefully he's found safely soon.

    You know there are no serial killer(s)

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    that manage to randomly attack a victim and make it look like a 'tragic accident' how? How do you know?

    Serial killers and dangerous mentally unstable individuals who fly below the radar are a very real phenomenon.

    I agree it's most likely this young man has had an accident, but nothing can be ruled out.


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    Young men have been dying like this for decades.

    Assuming a serial killer like that would assume a level of evil or incompetence on the part of local law enforcement that just isn't possible. Even Whitey Bulger was only able to avoid justice for so long.

    Except the Center for Homicide Research has ruled it out

    Debunked. Over. Done. Isn't happening.

    The FBI is pretty fed up with it as well.

    CDC statistics predict two such incidents per 100,000 people age 18-24. 80% of those incidents will involve males.

    That means that a city with a college-age population that Boston has can expect something on the order of 2-8 such incidents per year.

    They are sad, they are unfortunate, and they make me cringe because I have two sons and I know their friends ,too. But these sad incidents have NOTHING to do with serial killers and EVERYTHING to do with alcohol, disorientation, cold water, not knowing the area, and a substantial amount of waterfront.

    I'll add in a few more factors

    I think people often get lost in Boston if they aren't from the area. Forget about driving, even if you are walking the city can really be a confusing place to go. Add in the cold and being late at night, people might wander in a direction that leads to nowhere (water). The lack of cabs/cabstands also effects this, and I assume this kid couldn't get an UBER either?

    There is also all sorts of construction in that area, and that construction is right on the water. If he wanders the wrong way there or tries to sneak in somewhere, bad things can happen. I mean, there is a LOT of water behind the Garden towards the North End and Charlestown, with 2-3 bridges, dozens of piers and walkways, etc.

    Now the fact that his phone was last pinged up by the common does add in other factors. Was he looking for drugs? Was he looking for sex? As a young man, does he have depression or some other mental illness that simply hasn't been diagnosed yet? He may have met up with some of the wrong people I don't think you can rule anything out this early in the investigation.

    First 2 paragraphs raise good points, 3rd is ridiculous

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    I am around the Common every single day. That doesn't mean I am in the area looking for drugs and sex. (Anymore than I am usually that is). You then go into this needless babbling about the mental state of a real person who is in trouble. This isn't a theoretical discussion and you don't need to be playing Junior Detective Squad (Interwebs Division).

    You don't eliminate possibilities in the first 48 hours.....

    Just because you want to be a nice person on the internet. It is far from ridiculous and demands every sort of theoretical discussion there is. Do you not want to ask the drug dealers in the common if you say this person just because section77 goes to the common all the time and doesn't look for sex or drugs? And yes, I'm sorry to tell you that the Boston Common area is probably the #1 place where white surburban kids go to look for drugs.

    One of the first things your want to do with missing person cases is find out their mental status and drug history. Many people who go missing have mental health issues and may be off their medication and are looking too medicate themselves in other ways. If he had been drinking this often sets someone up for other dangerous activities. Do you think all missing person cases involve those with no drug or mental health histories? Don't be naive, you need to ask those questions.

    Again, you are playing Junior Detective Squad.This isn't Clue

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    You should find another way to prove to yourself how clever you are.The point on the Common is that it's at the center of Boston, a very safe, walk-able City. Everyone crosses it on the way to somewhere else without a second thought. The fact that you immediately think this is a red flag for drugs, prostitution, and severe mental health issues only speaks to how you read the ink-blots. Also as an ex suburban white kid I know you don't have to schlep into DTX to find drugs. There is always plenty available and I think the papers might have printed a thing or two about that recently.

    Ok I think I need to give you some background....

    The fact that you immediately think this is a red flag for drugs, prostitution, and severe mental health issues only speaks to how you read the ink-blots

    So we should ignore the fact that his phone pinged near the common? You don't even need to be a junior detective to figure out to look around there (maybe you missed this information?) Not try to talk to the people who are known to the police around there (just because you don't see them doesn't mean they don't exist, they are real people and are known). I'm not saying we should focus 100% of the effort here, as I believe he probably went down to the water.

    I've investigated thousands of crimes, hundreds of missing person cases and dozens of suicides. A good majority of these missing persons have drug and mental health issues. This case with the Southboro teen may have different circumstances (like the ones I mentioned), but that does not mean you ignore all the other possibilities.

    When is the last time you saw someone taken to the hospital for a drug overdose near the common? Well I saw one last week with a kid from the North Shore who had run away from home last month. Of course you can get drugs from other places, but if you really don't know that people come from all over New England to the Common for various reasons shows your ignorance, which is fine, you simple don't know about these people.

    Another way to avoid trouble

    The only possibly sinister thing that is going on is we're failing to properly educate them on the dangers of overdrinking.

    This isn't the only thing that I have tried to teach my young college age men.

    The buddy system is every bit as important when you are partying in the city as it is when you are climbing Mount Washington.

    It goes for adults as well as young adults - stick together! Assign people to other people. Be your brother's or sister's keeper.

    Oh, John

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    You're better than this.

    I do agree with your last point.


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    No smiley face murderer nonsense, please. No conspiracy theories, and no Paulides garbage spewing, either.

    It isn't helpful, it isn't real, and it is getting really really tiresome.

    Absolutely. By some accounts

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    Absolutely. By some accounts, she was missing for 36 hours, so I guess we should have been looking at her mental state and her level of intoxication prior to her putting herself into a dumpster without the lower half of her body intact. Coincidentally enough several reports have her near or in the Common the last time she was seen.


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    A pic of the missing fellow would be helpful.

    138 Tremont St.

    Channel 5 is reporting that his last phone ping was at 138 Tremont St.

    Not sure if that was the tower location or the phone location.

    It is nowhere near the water, however.

    Will someone please answer my

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    Will someone please answer my question seriously: I'm from the school of thinking where- if I'm drunk, know how to swim, and fall into a shockingly cold body of water, surely I'll sober up enough to swim to the shore in a hurry. (And yes, I've been wasted, so I understand uber-drunk.)
    Wouldn't adrenaline kick in? In the past, I've been ridiculously drunk or high (or both) and scared sober to advert crisis/drama via adrenaline.
    Are we talking comatose drunk? And if so, are these guys walking around virtually 'blacked out' and all it takes is one slight misstep and they're down for the count?
    I'm thinking they fall in and panic takes over, zapping adrenaline along with any basic strength of youth. (Panic trumps everything, I've noticed, and can turn adrenaline into jelly.)
    I seriously wish a scientific myth buster type experiment would be conducted about this using all the variables, because I'm baffled.

    You answered your own question

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    They don't have their full abilities due to impairment. They accidentally fall, and the disorientation worsens.

    Of course, the nature of an event like this is that there is no one to interview.

    Have you ever fallen into water dead drunk?

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    And not a well lit hotel pool, but a narrow, deep body of water like, oh, a Charles River lock that, even during the day would be pretty much impossible to see in, let alone at night? And have you tried it while making a point of hitting your head on something hard on the way down (like, say, a railroad tie)?

    No, I've never tried anything like that, I suspect you haven't either, but unfortunately, falling into the Charles at night is probably going to be completely unlike just slipping into a swimming pool.