The spirit of Allston Christmas is too big for just one neighborhood

Allston Christmas in Dorchester

Fredly shows us a comfy domestic street scene tonight on East Cottage Street in Edward Everett Square in Dorchester.


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It could be their stuff

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A lot of leases have the tenant leave a day early. Your lease is 12:01 am September 1 through 12:01 am August 31. Therefore, you end up homeless for 24 hours as your old lease has expired and your new lease has not started yet.


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It's my friend Jack (on the left)

Worst Tinder EVAH!

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Seriously. I thought it was bad enough when I showed up and there was no actual, like, apartment or anything.

The next day I woke up covered in bedbug bites.

Hahaha Dot's

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About to be invaded by hipsters

How to avoid bedbugs in reclaiming curbside recyclables...

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[Dumpster Diving] [Freeganism] A list of ideas, hints, tips, pointers how to avoid bedbugs in reclaiming curbside recyclables around Boston, Allston, Cambridge, Somerville, Jamaica Plain, Brookline, Charlestown for example a) Don't do it, don't reclaim recyclables.

b) Only reclaim recyclables that couldn't conceal bedbugs, problematical for folks unknowlegeable about bedbug behaviors.

c) Only reclaim intact containers of liquids for cleaning that couldn't conceal bedbugs.

d) ...

e) ...


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They can't breed if they don't eat or if they freeze to death.

That's a great pic and all

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That's a great pic and all you can think about is bed bugs!?!?!?
Let go of the scare tactics. I'm sure those two will be fine. What a great opportunity for a great picture!

Lighten up. It's a great

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Lighten up. It's a great picture but everyone wants to focus on the scare tactic of bedbugs. Can't you see the art in this piece?