The squeaky wheel gets the asphalt

Filled in hole at Dedham parking lot

Yesterday, David White took to Twitter to complain about the large and growing potholes in the parking lot of the Dedham Corporate Center parking lot on the Franklin Line. This morning, as you can see above, White arrived to find the holes filled.



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    Good Job Dave!

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    Can you ride the Red Line next because the MBTA doesn't listen to complaints from mere mortals but when you tell them you are a lawyer their knees start to buckle and they respond immediately.

    Quality work

    Looks like this problem has been solved for the foreseeable future.

    Doesn't look

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    like the patch job meets DOT standards for asphalt repairs.

    There are standards

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    that do not differentiate between roads and parking lots. There are different standards for runways which is different from roads. But thanks for the amusing comment.

    What planet?

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    Seriously - private parking lots have to conform to Federal Interstate pothole standards?

    You are amusing.


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    Now do the Orange Line

    See Pic Fix?

    Sounds like there should be a "see something say something" app for the MBTA to report problems like this.

    And if there is and I missed it, please post a link!

    Server error

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    There is not a network powerful enough to handle the load of reports that such a service would generate.


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    They're pretty responsive on Twitter, at least during business hours. Once I tweeted at them that the train car I was on had no A/C and an inspector took the car out of service at the next stop! (I confirmed with their social media person that it was in response to my tweet, not just a coincidence.) And I've observed this responsiveness to others as well. Unfortunately it seems to be a 9-5 operation - if you tweet at them after hours there's no response.


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    He's a well known personal injury plaintiff's lawyer


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