Star Market parent snaps up gas station next to Fenway shop

Bldup reports Star Market paid $17 million for the gas station at Boylston Street and Park Drive.



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wonder if they are going to

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wonder if they are going to expand the existing star market there. Or if they'll just convert it into a parking space.


$17M for a parking lot? I think not.

Maybe with Wegmans pulling out of the Landmark center Star is willing to invest in the neighborhood?? A first-ish floor grocery store in a condo/apartment building wouldn't be a bad deal...


Fun fact

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There are two intersections of Boylston Street and Park Drive and there are filling stations at both of them.

This post refers to the Gulf Station near the supermarket. At the other site near Fenway Park, there are a Shell and a Sunoco. And there have been rumors that the Sunoco will be replaced with a hotel.

Filling stations are an endangered species.


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I was kinda scratching my head as to why. Unlike Stop & Shop, Star/Shaw's doesn't have gas stations...

Of course Star/Shaw's could build a new store next to the old one. Maybe in a highrise like the one being built at North Station.

Or plans on selling it as one giant lot and making bank when they sell both lots together. (and I'm sure the corner lot is more valuable together as all three parcels than just one)


It's not the gas

Star Market is already planning condos at their site in Brighton, correct? They'll either build their own tower on both lots or sell them to someone who will.

I'd be surprised if that gas station is around in 10 years. Same goes for the other two down the street.


Well yeah

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Well yeah.. that's kinda what I meant. Maybe its to build a new store in a high rise, similar to what's going up at North Station.

Maybe at $1/Gallon margins

Gas stations are like paid parking lots and smaller self-storage locations: They're a good way to make a money while waiting for the big payoff when some decides to buy the lot for huge sum. Luxury Condos are where the big money is, even if there's plenty of demand for gas.


Star Market is already

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Star Market is already planning condos at their site in Brighton, correct?

I think you're confusing them with Stop & Shop in Brighton

Yep, Stop & Shop

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1,000 units, to be exact.

But the basic idea could be the same, except the Fenway parcel's a bit smaller. Still, given what's happened on Boylston over the past 5-6 years, well, you could see it happening.


Do you have a link to the

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Do you have a link to the possible construction of condos at the Allston Star Market? That could be a good sized building and the area could certainly handle the density.

I think it is to open a huge

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I think it is to open a huge liquor store. That neighborhood has a lot of students to feed.

What I know

I have some friends who live in that area and are pretty up on developments there. They said, like a poster said up-thread, that the total footprint of the gas station, which is already closed, and the supermarket will be developed into a condo building. As of yet, they don't know any idea about unit count, but at 17m for that parcel, I bet they will be building up to 5 stories at a minimum.

The plan also includes keeping a Star Market there, probably as a first-floor tenant in the new building. Parking solutions are TBD as best I know.

For people, like me, who get their coffee from the DD in the now-shuttered gas station, that DD will remain open for at least a few more weeks. The crew working there isn't 100% sure what that timeframe looks like. I can ask them tomorrow if I take a coffee break.


I heard the DD is closing on

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I heard the DD is closing on Thursday.

There is, oddly enough, a surprising dearth of DD's relative to what it should be in the immediate radius (if you exclude the hospital DD's).


Large enough for development

There are three parcels of land that Star now owns (the Bldup post has details).The total is ~2.39 acres.

There's the Star Market, the corner gas station, and also a surface lot at Park Drive and Peterborough.

Certainly, the plan could be to expand the supermarket (yes, since Wegman's is "delayed" or canceled) and add parking (to placate neighbors, as much as anything else).

Hopefully, it's more than that. I don't know of any other properties that Albertson (parent company of Star) has bought and developed. I dunno.

The Pierce Boston condo project across the street is 378' tall; the archBoston commenters (who have become really annoying, btw) believe this parcel could support a building 270' tall. I don't know about that. Being on the corner would certainly qualify for a taller building than in the rest of the neighborhood, but the Skanska Fenway building currently under construction down the street at 1350 Boylston is 195' tall and the neighbors (rightfully?) were pissed off since they had previously agreed with the city that buildings would top out on that side of Boylston at 115' tall.

They're also probably mad

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They're also probably mad about the Skansa building because man, is it ugly.

And depending on how you're facing, whatever that design quirk in the middle looks terribly unsafe, cheap, and shoddy. When you're leaving Target it genuinely looks as if it's about to collapse.

Pierce looks quite nice tbh.