State to look at building dog park near Forest Hills T stop

On the heels of a tense meeting on a proposed giant dog park in Hyde Park, DCR officials return to Boston's southern tier in a couple weeks to discuss putting a dog park on the Southwest Corridor off Anson Street, a couple blocks north of the Arborway.

City Councilor Matt O'Malley, who first proposed a dog park somewhere in the corridor, posts the meeting notice: 6:30 p.m. on April 5 at English High School.



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    Can't wait

    By on check out those giant dogs when the park gets approved but I am worried they won't mix well with the giraffes.

    Or are there going to be separate parks?

    It Is Going To Be Tiered

    The Giraffes will have the lower part but will be at eye level with the dogs above. I heard in Africa that local dogs and giraffes get along just fine.

    I'm so glad the Casey Overpass is down. I was very concerned about the state not doing enough for my giraffe and her park needs, especially low clearance bridges when I bring Stretch (that's what we call her) to the park.

    Don't even get me started on those damn bridges in Westwood and Storrow Drive. How is government not thinking about my giraffe there?

    dog park

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    Perhaps, once they do make a "real" dog park, people will stop taking their dogs to Forest Hills Cemetery degrading people's graves, by letting their dogs do their "duty" upon loved ones. There is no respect for the deceased.

    Cemetery as park

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    I've often heard that the cemetery is a nice place to walk or ride your bike but I've never actually checked it out, kind of for that reason. It seems weird to do recreational stuff in a cemetery although it's also weird to tie up land for hundreds of years for burial sites. Sure there are lots of new plots and freshly mourned people in there but probably more are graves from decades ago which are no longer visited. I guess that's the eternal battle between the needs of the living city and its history.

    Very Victorian

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    It's a pretty Victorian thing to do, actually. Go have a picnic at Forest Hills, they've got a lovely pond to relax by. Other cultures can be similar in their reverence for the dead.

    The Forest Hills Trust has art walks and other events - you might check it out.

    Forest Hills Cemetery

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    Well don't worry, even when the dogs are gone from the Forest Hills Cemetery, the geese and coyotes will remain to poop all over your loved ones.

    Opt-in doggy park cemetery?

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    I realize this is deeply personal and there's no right or wrong here, but although not particularly looking forward to my demise, I would take some comfort in knowing that I would be laid to rest in a place where dogs could run free, even if it did mean the occasional canine deposit on my grave. Perhaps cemeteries could have an opt-in doggy park section?