State Police, FBI dig up Stony Brook forest in search for woman missing since 2007

State Police and FBI investigators, some in biohazard suits and a backhoe are in the woods of Stony Brook Reservation, across Enneking Parkway from the Turtle Pond dock for their second day of digging. NBC Boston reports the woman was reported missing in October, 2007.



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Looks like it. Maybe a worker stumbled on evidence of no good.

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Before the MWRA started using it during the recent work, that area was a convenient place to turn off the road. Since there are no significant trails leading through the woods directly adjoining, I can imagine a body might go undiscovered for a long time.

(also - did anyone else think it was weirdly distracting how they left 'sky pilot's' heavy breathing on the audio track?)

That's actually a pretty

That's actually a pretty significant trailhead, with trails leading up to Washington Street, over to West Boundary Road, and then down to Dedham Parkway, with several side trails.


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It's where the parking lot across from the dock used to be.

Scary stuff - needs to be observed

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As a 6-decade-plus resident, I knew growing up that the Turtle Pond Reservation was not necessarily a safe place to go. The fact that a younger generation is hiking and dirt-biking in there is somewhat of concern to me.

One year as a kid we were playing ice hockey on a small sub-pond of the main one and I broke through the ice. We were able to get me up using the hockey stick extension method but I had to walk a mile home soaking wet. I was an ice cube by the time I got there and suffered from what we now call hypothermia.

There have been recorded instances of assault, stolen cars driven in and burned, and even the occasional homeless encampment found in there. I'd venture that along with the occasional deer there may also be wild turkey and coyote as well.

The suggestions I have seen on some sites that say that you can swim there, is also frightening. People like myself know the weeds that are just under the surface, not to mention recorded instances of drownings there, and that by experienced swimmers. The DCR officially prohibits swimming there so how people get the idea that it is OK is beyond me sometimes.

So looking for a body there? Yeah, sadly I can accept that given past stories in the press, etc.

Hopefully nothing will be found but then again, for them to bring in that kind of equipment they must have had a substantial lead?

Arboretum at night? I'll pass thanks.