Steve the White Squirrel knows the drill in the Public Garden

White squirrel in Boston's Public Garden

Brad thinks Steve the White Squirrel (yes, of course he has a name) should start charging at least one nut for every photo.

The pale squirrel of winter.
One of the fabled West End white squirrels.



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    steve is the one putting up its ok to be white stickers?

    Squirrels in the Public

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    Squirrels in the Public Garden and Common are aggressive because people feed them. I've seen a guy encourage them to run up his leg and then he gave the squirrel a peanut. When he walked away, the same squirrel tried to run up an unsuspecting person's leg thinking he would get a treat. Ick.


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    as long as you stay away from them, you should be ok.

    Most photogenic squirrel in the Public Garden?

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