Stop & Shop boldly leaps over Halloween right into Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving stuff at Dedham supermarket

Spotted today at the Dedham Stop & Shop. They were also selling window appliques reading "HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Y'ALL!" for all their Southern customers.



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It's Year Round Now

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It's essentially a year round thing now. There have been commercials on MeTV for pre-decorated Christmas trees since at least May. And Hallmark and other TV channels have been having endless "Christmas in July" type programming that are clearly thinly disguised holiday commercials.

not sure which is worse

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Seeing Thanksgiving decorations for sale this early, or the thought of shopping at Stop n Shop (shudder)

That's not for Thanksgiving

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The main pictured turkey is called "Crazy Turkey Car Cling." It is clearly meant to be proudly placed in your auto to show where you stand on the on-going battle against the TLF. Political statements have no season.

where can I find

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pro-TLF merchandise?

TLF spokesfowl, enlighten me. I wish to contribute to your movement and acquire swag in the process.