Somerville smacked hard by winds: Light poles, trees, houses under construction come down

Street light smashes into car

As the front came through this afternoon, a gust of wind near Lechmere station took down a street-light pole, which fell on the hood of a car making a turn, after which the light bounced into the street, as Lisa captured.

She reports the driver and somebody in the back seat appeared to get out physically OK.

Bill Dearing surveyed the damage on Main Street in Somerville, where downed trees blocked the route 101 bus:

Downed trees in Somerville

Thomas Fitzpatrick reports this billboard by the side of the I-93 deck was blown into Boston Sand & Gravel yard below:

More Somerville tree damage:

Shaz reports:

My neighborhood was filled with a cacophony of screams and yelps so knew it had to be bad. My ears clicked from air pressure!

Alex Jaffe spotted a house under construction on Cross Street in East Somerville that the wind ripped to shreds:

Downed house in Somerville

A wicked wind that way came between the North End and Charlestown, as well. Kristin MacDougall reports:

I swear to God I thought I was going to blow into the harbor at the Locks. I grabbed a pole and screamed!



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If there was any damage to it, I hope it wasn't severe. It must have been one heck of a gust to blow over a 500 lb. bike!

Here on the North Shore, we had a few rumbles of thunder around 5:00 or so, but the sun remained out and no rain fell.

There were two NWS weather bulletin scrolls broadcast on Comcast shortly after that.

Downed trees in Medford

One guy had pictures of a tree split in half by lightning. Also a very large tree down by the Senior Center and another giant branch on Mystic Valley Parkway/Rt 16 at Rt. 38.

My sons reported 30 minutes of downpour with hail and some massive wind bursts and they think that there may have been some lightning strikes in the Middlesex Fells up the hill from us.

When I went to the gym downtown around 5pm it was sweltering ... came out and it had rained enough to make the streets a tad floody. Glad that we delayed our return commute! When I stopped by the office to collect my phone, there were still a lot of people there who had waited out the mayhem.

Somerville and Medford tree damage

I was on the MAPC summer bike ride around the Mystic and Malden rivers right after this storm. Pretty much everywhere we went, we saw small twigs strewn all over the path. In a few places, large branches or even entire uprooted and fallen trees blocked our way, especially in Medford's MacDonald Park and Riverbend Park (over near the Andrews Middle School).

I walked by that house on

I walked by that house on Cross St, after huddling in the Capuano for 20 minutes with my kid through the worst of the rain and hail. 3-4 inches of water in places on a couple of the streets.

I was halfway between my office and Bolyston Station

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when the squall hit. Was wearing a hat and a windbreaker, but I (and everyone around me as well) still got totally soaked in about 20 seconds

The squall line also caused a signal failure between Everett Junction and the Fells Interlocking in Melrose - most Haverhill line trains were running between 10 and 30 minutes late as a result.

It's always sunny in Roslindale

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Was kind of weird seeing all these reports about squalls and winds and trees down and stuff while the sun continued to shine on the Roslindale/Hyde Park line. It did look ominous to the north for awhile, but no rain here.

Same in JP

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Barely a drop fell. I had to go out and water my garden.

Tagged with the wrong Linden

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Hey, that's Linden Ave (which is near Porter Square) not Linden Street (which is near Union Square). Trust me, I'd recognize the yellow house with the green trim next to it anywhere.

Wow, we got small hail and a

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Wow, we got small hail and a bunch of downed tree limbs on Winter Hill, but no actual downed trees!

Did have two power surges though.

I'm amazed

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That we got nothing in Watertown - we were bracing for the worst after hearing about 60mph gusts in Cambridge. No wind, no rain. Nothing. I guess I should be relieved, but I was ready to experience a smiting from the heavens. Or something.