Senate candidate learns if you come at Howie Carr, you best not miss - and you best not have a police record

EPIC CLASH Between Howie Carr and Shiva Ayyadurai

For people who enjoy a good car wreck, skip to 2:00 in this video. Right-winger Shiva Ayyadurai, who says he invented e-mail and who is one of several Republicans looking to run against Elizabeth Warren next year, accuses Howie Carr - Howie Carr - of being a "Fake Trumper." Carr responds in classic Carr fashion - by pulling out copies of the records related to Ayyadurai's 2005 arrest on a charge of domestic assault and battery against his then girlfriend (Naturally, Carr also posted copies of those records).

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    To be fair and accurate,

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    To be fair and accurate, Ayyadurai's claim is not that he "invented e-mail" but that he 1) invented "EMAIL", the name he gave to a program that was perhaps the first software (shelfware) that resembled a modern email client in features, and 2) he might have been the first to coin the term "email".

    Not to say his contribution amounted to anything. For comparison, the web's first search engine was invented by a kid at MIT in the mid 1990's. Today, you could make infinite fun of the guy, mostly because he failed to ever monetize it. He should be a multibillionaire by now, but he blew it.

    I'd say the fact that he

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    I'd say the fact that he still has multiple vanity websites claiming he invented email, like, say,, with a heading reading THE INVENTOR OF EMAIL, indicates that he is still in fact claiming to have invented email.

    He only scaled back and started talking about specific features when he was finally busted for making the broader claim a few too many times to a few too many gullible reporters at publications who should have known better (eg, The Washington Post).


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    No, he claimed to have invented email. When questioned about prior email programs, he throws out that they weren't called email and didn't even the exact same feature set. He so narrowly and specifically defined what email was so that it could only be his program.

    Wrong how?

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    You say "wrong", yet are in complete agreement.

    He claims that the modern

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    He claims that the modern system of e-mail is what he invented, not just that he wrote a program called "EMAIL" as you seem to claim.

    From his campaign site:

    In 1978, 14-year-old Shiva invents email — the system we know today, when he creates the electronic version of the old-fashioned interoffice paper mail system (inbox, outbox, folders, memo, attachments, etc.), and names it “email.”

    He has also claimed in the past that he wrote the first e-mail system period, not just a program called e-mail:

    he was offered a position as a research scientist at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) to develop the world's first E-Mail System. After three years, Shiva, then only 16, not only built the first E-Mail system but also received the first U.S. Copyright for E-MAIL

    As to his claims of inventing the word, many dictionaries have done the research and found prior usage in mainstream culture (e.g. newspapers, magazines).

    He trumpets his registered copyright as "proof of invention" when the truth is, most software authors don't register copyright because they are working on it every day. Registering copyright makes sense for a book, not so much for software.

    It's kind of like

    A while after people were reading and writing books, he published a book called BOOK, and then claimed he invented books.


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    It's only because the guy had been going after him for awhile.

    I get emails from him

    They seem a bit reasonable, then he goes off the rails with this big "Globe, Howie, Herald and WRKO" conspiracy theory to deny him his shot at Warren.

    But to be fair, I get them from Sen. Warren all the time, too. They all have the same message,"The sky is falling! We need a donation!"

    Ya, he's been going after everybody. He is not a student of Dale Carnegie.

    He's a tough guy

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    After all, Whitey Bulger would have killed him if it weren't for his kid.

    Just ask Howie. He never stops talking about it, even though he has no proof of anything.


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    Oh my God. Howie has sunk so low he's doing Newsmax tv now. He used to have a real job.

    Not Great Radio

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    Besides the fact that the only way to listen to AM radio more for ten seconds is to forget what FM and any other listening mode sounds like and then make sure not to drive near any tunnels or under any trees or under any birds flying over head or you'll lose the signal completely.

    Howie Carr is so in the tank for Trump that it's impossible to listen to him any more without hearing him parrot every single lie coming out of the white house as if it's true. He is a true cult member so calling him a never Trumper is foolishness.

    People screaming over each other is never good radio. Howie is an old radio guy and still has no plan for when someone just keeps repeating himself over and over.

    This moron running for Senator is a joke, has no money and no chance and wasting time on him at all just proves Howie is a Narcissist just like Trump who proved it by digging dirt up on a loser no one cares about.

    I think there was a plan.

    First of all, this guy seems like a tough interview.

    "Shiva: Do you want to beat Elizabeth Warren?
    Howie: Yes.
    Shiva: No you don't."

    Well, we're off to a good start...but it seems like Howie did have a plan. I seem to notice that Howie was at full volume and Shiva seemed a bit muted.

    Anyway, you want Howie on full FM quality, just drive through Maine. Lots of FM talk.

    Remember when Curt "evolution

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    Remember when Curt "evolution is a myth and I have a room full of Nazi stuff" Schilling threatened to run too? The republican party could not be full or more scumbags if they tried. Its a damn shame that the crap hole red states have foisted Donald "has a 36% approval rating and thinks healthcare costs $1 per month" Trump on us and are trying to drag us down with them. The red states won't be happy until the blue states are as poor, uneducated and obese as they are.

    The untold story

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    MA does have some decent hardworking Republicans who aren't crazy.

    Notice that not a single one of them is stepping up to run against Warren.

    Baker works and plays well with Warren, despite their differences. This is how grownups act.

    Unenrolled registration in MA beats all parties combined

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    Democrats have a million more registered voters in MA than Republicans while Unenrolled has more than D, R, Libertarian and all others combined. Voters have rejected the parties but still, the Democrat party has the advantage and the "bigger bench" of up and coming hacks, ready to pounce on any vacancy. I'm sure per capita, the Dems have more "nuts" but with many Republicans successful in business and not wanting the slanted media hatred of public life, it might appear that more crazies emerge as Republican candidates while the Dems have a waiting list of "safe" establishment types.

    Scott Brown was elected by a comfortable margin to be the swing vote to block Obamacare but immediately turned RINO and boasted about how many times he voted for the Obama agenda, even currying favor and posing with Obama on the White House basketball court. Just as phony as Warren but without the base to get re-elected. When the "1/32nd Indian" Warren ran, Brown's base stayed home, thoroughly disgusted. Baker will be very lucky to win after his anti-Republican antics. 1,050,000+ Trump voters in MA won't forget and he needs every one if the Dems nominate anyone near viable. If a moderate Dem could get the nomination (they no longer can) he/she would run away with it.

    I watched the clip by

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    I watched the clip by skipping here and there and it's epic; Carr and Ayyadurai are speaking at the same time non-stop for a good 10 minutes. Quite a theater performance!

    To you all you who say that

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    To you all you who say that Howie is a schill for Trump - so what? I can't listen to the mainstream media anymore because they are so anti-Trump. Good old George "I was born Jewish but I sold out my own kind during WWII" Soros must be paying the MSM a fortune because they will stop at nothing to bring Trump down.

    Okay, that being said, this Shiva dude is a flake, a liar, violent and volatile (look at the restraining orders his former gf filed against him), vicious. He is probably being paid to siphon votes away from any Republican who runs against Fauxchahontas (like Geoff Diehl). This guy needed to be exposed for what is he is.

    If I were Howie, I would have wanted to take the guy down, too, after all the things he said about Howie. You can just flap your jaws and not own the things that come out! I heard this last night and thought it was great. This guy crumbled.

    Adam - I love this site, but know your politics. I would be pleasantly surprised if if you posted this.

    You're full of shit

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    To you all you who say that Howie is a schill for Trump - so what? I can't listen to the mainstream media anymore because they are so anti-Trump. Good old George "I was born Jewish but I sold out my own kind during WWII" Soros must be paying the MSM a fortune because they will stop at nothing to bring Trump down.

    You're full of shit.

    To any trumpkins who are too damn lazy to click: "A viral image purportedly showing a young George Soros in a Nazi SS uniform actually depicts an Auschwitz guard named Oskar Groening."

    Further detail: "As hoaxes go, this one was neither plausible nor hard to disprove. Given that Soros — born in 1930 — was only nine years old when World War II began and 14 when the war ended in Europe in 1945, he couldn’t have joined the SS, whose minimum age requirement was 17, even if he had wanted to. Moreover, Soros would never have met the SS requirement for pure “Aryan” heritage. Quite to the contrary, Soros grew to adolescence as a persecuted Jew in Nazi-occupied Budapest."

    tl;dr: you are completely full of shit.

    (edit: and so are the idiots who thumbs-upped your stupid comment)

    Actually, no, he's not.

    He stated, "...George "I was born Jewish but I sold out my own kind during WWII" Soros"...
    He never stated that Soros was, as you accurately point out, the first fourteen year old Jewish SS officer. Which is of course, crazy.

    BUT...there is a 60 Minutes interview where he tells how, with forged papers, he became ' not a Jew', possibly a Christian, but did help with round-ups. I found a couple of links where some info is posted. There are also some mis attributions and some confusing things, but the basis is that he was alive and basically did what he had to under the circumstances.

    LINK FARM!!! (Maybe more of a small garden...)
    Part of the interview transcript is here:
    Snopes about the misattributed quotes:
    A 5:20 clip of the video is here:

    Hey anon

    Ya, seriously, asshole.

    The site came up in a search. It contains, as I noted above, a 5:20 copy of the 60 Minutes clip. So you can watch it there if you wish or you can find your own copy on some other site. I don't give a shit either way.

    I put it there for the convenience of those that might want to watch it.

    Also, for those who are interested, some folks with just the opposite philosophy...
    ...the White Rose, Germans that published leaflets against the Nazi atrocities.


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    Oh. So. Fragile.

    Anti Trump IS mainstream

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    Hollydoodoo, you need to realize that mainstream thought is anti Trump, even Rasmussen agrees, and Fox is more and more anti Trump every day. So not surprisingly mainstream media is anti Trump too.

    I say lock him up! (Quickly, before he pardons himself)


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    Perhaps we will care when Soros is found with a warehouse full of stolen artifacts obtained through lying on customs forms and payments to ISIS.

    Go ahead and worship your neopharisee idols, though.

    Whatr about Carr's mysterious car-crash record

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    In response, someone more prepared would've pulled out the records of those mysterious early-morning single-car crashes that Howie has gotten himself into.

    The ones where, for example, he split a telephone pole in half in the wee hours around the corner from his house, and his hometown Wellesley Police mysteriously refused to administer a breathalyzer test.

    Carr crashes aside...

    inquiring minds would like more information on the first marriage, its end and clarity on accusations made at that time. Is there a parallel to Bill O? Glass house? Hmmmmm.

    That was awful

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    What on Earth? Dude's running for US Senate? Bah God.

    Massachusetts Republicans who

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    Massachusetts Republicans who run for (and get nominated for) federal elections are usually the type of people you see on reality TV contest shows.

    You have to be someone who enjoys the spotlight so much that you don't care about anything else.

    Weld was the sitting governor

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    Weld was the sitting governor when he ran for Senate, and Romney, well lets call him an outlier.

    Usually the Republicans who get the party nomination for MA congressional seats are pro life bible thumpers who are totally uncompetitive in a general election.

    Unlike Republican governors, Republicans in Congress have to adhere to the national party platform.

    Rooting for injuries.

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    Rooting for injuries.

    Also, Adam, you can put #t=2m0s at the end of the URL to get it to load at that point.

    I'm a victim of my software

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    I could, of course, take the easy route and use YouTube's own embed code, but I chose to do things not because they are easy, but because they are hard :-). I'm using a video module that lets me embed a YouTube or Vimeo video just by pasting a URL in a field. Works great, and if I ever revamp the index pages here, it means I'll be able to do little thumbnails of the videos on those pages. The problem is that it doesn't let you start a video at a particular point, sigh. Fortunately, I haven't embedded too many videos where that's an issue.

    Hell yeah

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    Rooting for injuries.

    Hell yeah. Can't they both lose?

    Yes, and they will.

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    Assuming you mean Ayyuradai and Deal, yes, they can both lose.

    The people belittling

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    Him for what he accomplished at age 14 are pathetic.

    Also what has Liz accomplished as a Senator outside of writing books and representing a national socialist movement and not MA.

    If he's a "right winger" then Liz is a Communist.

    Your bias has no bounds Adam, shocked you didn't acuse him of being a Russian spy.

    At least this gentlemen is an Indian, not the "high cheek bone" type.

    Aren't you special

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    You throw out your "challenge" and then go full bore racist.

    Note that she defeated a sitting senator who couldn't do any better than make the same pathetic (even then) arguments.

    This is why she will be reelected.


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    A "strong candidate".

    Care to name one?

    Oh, maybe Scotty will come back and try a third time to be a senator again. Guffaw.


    Knowing Shiva personally, Donald is a choir boy in comparison

    No one's belittling him for

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    No one's belittling him for what he actually accomplished. He's being belittled for making false and grandiose claims about things he didn't accomplish.

    He certainly wrote an e-mail program, and apparently did so without any knowledge of pre-existing e-mail programs. He also certainly chose a rather obvious, generic name. But this no more makes him the inventor of e-mail than it would make me the inventor of the wheel, if I were to independently come up with the idea on my own in 2017, some 6,500 years too late.

    The correct appellation for him would be 'author of an e-mail program' or maybe even better 'author of an e-mail program that was neither the first such program, nor of any known influence on anyone else.' That's okay, I guess, but no big deal.

    Long story short, if you ever made fun of the Al Gore, inventor of the Internet thing, this is a strikingly similar scenario and you should probably be making fun of Ayyadurai.

    The truth of the matter is that, like a number of inventions, there probably is no single inventor, but numerous people who made important contributions as the invention emerged. Ray Tomlinson is generally considered to be the most important of these, and he did his work years earlier. Ayyadurai certainly did do something, but his work didn't have any effect or influence either so far as is known, and wasn't first, so really doesn't deserve the credit he keeps trying to claim for himself.

    In fact his claims largely seem to hinge on the entirely irrelevant fact that he called his program "EMAIL." That's like saying that the person who coined the word 'car' for automobile deserves more credit than earlier inventors who built 'horseless carriages.'

    I'd have to look into his politics more, but the email fiasco already well establishes him as not having a good temperament and demeanor as a politician. We've got more than enough cranks in office now, thanks.

    Re: Communism, depending on which flavor, we should be so lucky.

    His point is that even though

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    His point is that even though "email" seems like an obvious, generic name name today, it was a nonexistent term when he used it back then.

    No, I don't think that is his

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    No, I don't think that is his point. Rather, he claims that he was the first person ever to create email software, a feat which he justifies by claiming that none of the prior email software developed by others meets a list of features he personally considers essential, but which his by happy coincidence does satisfy. That is, he is moving the goalposts in his own favor.

    As for the name, the term "electronic mail" seems to have arisen in the 1950s. He may well have coined the short form (which is documented elsewhere at least as early as 1979, about the time he was active) but it's unclear, and is again fairly obvious, especially given the short file and command names computers allowed back in the day. (E.g., the first text adventure game, Colossal Cave Adventure, had the file name ADVENT because the PDP-10 computer only allowed file names to have as many as six characters.)

    Certainly he didn't popularize it, as very few people ever used his software. Most of the credit for the term "email" (most software just used the word "mail") is owed to Compuserve which began advertising their existing email service with the word "email" in 1981.

    Both losers. i wonder if

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    Both losers. i wonder if carr's attacks are based on the fact the guy is brown. No I don't wonder.


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    It's only because the guy had been going after him for awhile.

    Wait, did I write that earlier?

    Would someone please

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    Provide a list of the party that has had control of the Senate since Warren was elected?

    That never seemed to stop Ted

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    That never seemed to stop Ted Kennedy. Why is it that milktoast Markey seems to get more done than Warren?


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    "Get more done".

    Lots more to being a senator than writing legislation.

    Sure thing!

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    113th Congress (2013-2015)
    Majority Party: Democrat (53 seats)
    Minority Party: Republican (45 seats)
    Other Parties: 2 Independents (both caucus with the Democrats)
    Total Seats: 100

    You know the Senate has this thing called a website. I found this particular page using this thing called Google.

    Shes published 6 books and passed 1 law which was only symbolic. Face it she useless!


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    Working with the governor to torpedo a death panel bill. Not useless.

    If you are so "useful", why don't you run? You could even do a stupid wardance tomahawk chop if it made you tingle!

    Not senator qualified

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    The guy didn't seem to know that Howie isn't running for office, he is. He needed to answer Howie's questions. If he didn't want to, he shouldn't have gone on the show. We the voters don't care about Howie since he won't be on the ballot. This guy is scary since he doesn't think his past personal issues matter. Oc course they matter!

    "I took the initiative in creating the Internet." -- Al Gore

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    "I took the initiative in creating the Internet." -- Al Gore

    If phony Gore can take credit for the Internet and almost get elected President, this guy can take credit for email. I'm glad that Howie Carr exposed this angry fraud. I was waiting for Ayyadurai to jump across the table and start swinging (or worse) given his apparent history of violence.

    I'm old enough to remember Carr as a television reporter chasing corrupt politicians around City Hall and the State House. Comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. Sadly, nobody does that anymore. Government by press release instead of reporters digging. Although Ayyadurai is a nobody, this video brought back memories of the Boston media heyday.

    Al Gore and the Internet

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    Here's a brief summary by Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf on Al Gore's role in the development of the Internet. You may not have heard of these two guys, but they are, in so far as anyone deserves the designation, the actual inventors of the Internet.

    Not to spoil the surprise, but they don't think he claimed the credit, and they do think he was enormously influential and effective in getting it going.


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    If you have to spend time explaining it then you are losing.

    There you go again

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    You with your reality, and citations, and validation.

    Can't you just BELIEVE what you are told?

    There you go again

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    You with your reality, and citations, and validation.

    Can't you just BELIEVE what you are told?


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    Howie Carr a mammal/reptile indigenous to the north eastern region of the United States of America. Normally found during the weekend daylight scurrying from book shops to liquor stores across the south eastern border of New Hampshire angrily choking out comments about immigrants, The Kennedy family, and something called "The good old days". It has been well recorded during a particularly sunny day, the sun a known natural enemy to the pasty skinned Carr, it blurted out a shocking 45 minute long diatribe railing against JFK Jr and his break up with Daryl Hannah. Although this is what experts technically call "living in the past" he ended the rant with "if you're gonna crash your airplane in the ocean why wouldn't you bring the mermaid with you." A Howie Carr has an impeccable sense of smell which it uses to sniff out murder victims in Southie. Through a process known as "self serving" it can efficiently write up to 4 books before the hibernation period the Although ghoulish in nature this one victim will sustain a Howie Carr through the winter and we'll into spring.

    What I like about Howie is he

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    What I like about Howie is he knows MA politics and how everyone is connected. Whose related to who, how so and so got the job. With what we have on Beacon Hill, Howie could stay in business forever.

    So many people live in the city now that don't know the history of the local politicians. I find it fascinating. Other than the older politicians themselves, not many other people around here can connect the dots like Howie can.


    I once had the displeasure of working for Shiva, total cluster... screaming matches in the office frequently with gf (who was rather delightful) openly hostile to most, treated his Indian employees here on visas the worst and ecpected them to work 6-7 dsys a week, paranoid midnite conference calls "the people on this call are committed to the company" then the next one would have different invitation list

    Meanwhile, his dad, a pretty nice guy, would sleep in his office half the day

    It wss crazy town ...