Sullivan Square even more of a mess than usual

A water-main break has basically shut Sullivan Square. Broadway in East Somerville is shut. Buses are being diverted.



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Hmm, when I came through

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Hmm, when I came through around 8 am, Broadway wasn't closed, and traffic toward Sullivan was only slightly worse than usual.

Looking at Google now, Cambridge St does appear to be closed going into Sullivan though.

Wow, look at all those

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Wow, look at all those massholes plowing through the water oblivious to the possibility of hydrolocking their engines


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This looks like a mess! Hope they've cleared it up by now!

They are still working on this

And motor vehicle traffic is still being diverted, at least as of a half hour ago. I was very glad to be on a bike instead of in a car or MBTA bus.

I'm sure you were, Ron.

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Oftentimes, hoofing it, or biking is a far quicker way to get to one's destination in the city than being in a car or MBTA train or bus.