Swarming teens continue to bedevil North End residents

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports.



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      The NIMBYism is strong with

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      The NIMBYism is strong with this one... I can't tell you how much I hate these boorish and pretentious idiots moving into the city. I especially love it when they cross the street or nervously glance at me if they spot my mulatto ass walking by lol. Im a category Arsenio Hall on the Black Richter scale ffs

      99% of these teens are white,

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      99% of these teens are white, so I do not know why you are making it a race issue. the residents just want them out - not matter their race.

      People who pretend to be Italian

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      They clearly haven't spent much time in Italy if they are having issues with this. This is exactly how young people in Italian cities behave - even smaller cities - only they drink wine when they do it and do it until 4am.


      Aperol and soda was very popular when I was in Italy last spring.


      2 parts proseco, 1 part aperol, 1 part setlzer water. Add ice, garnish with a green olive, preferably unpitted.. Serve with potato chips and more green olives.

      Summer in a glass.

      New rule: No complaining

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      New rule: No complaining about any problems in the North End if the same problems are known to occur in Italy.

      They're just being teens

      But I wonder what would be different if there were hundreds of black and brown teens hanging out in the North End late at night?

      And you know there are no 'black' and 'brown' teens

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      there, how? So called white, so called black, and so called brown (I'm 'white' but currently very tanned; does this make me an honorary 'brown' person? And what are Asians?) don't have friends and acquaintances of other 'races' here in Boston and the metro area? Really?

      Boston police aren't known for being particularly hard assed, and I'm sure they want to avoid incidents where police brutality could be claimed, with all the corresponding drama, protests, tension, even lawsuits.

      I wonder...

      why you're wondering if there would be different scenarios/circumstances based on what racial groups are present? A disturbance is a disturbance, regardless of what ethnicity shows up.


      According to that page people are claiming it's the bike path that's to blame for these kids.

      What a bunch of dumbunnines

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      Seriously? If it is at all possible for BPD to patrol this circus... IT IS BECAUSE THE COPS CAN RIDE ON THE BIKE PATH. You can't clamp down on that crap from a car.

      Funny thing is, I don't see any bikes ...

      Old North Church

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      Next week station an officer in the Old North Church " Hang one lantern if the troublesome teens are coming in by commuter rail two if they are taking the orange line. A rider on horseback could then ride through the North End warning that " The warriors are coming"


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      What, it's isn't enough that they bus up their meth addicts, but they're bussing up their youth as well now?

      Blame it on Providence,

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      Blame it on Providence, exactly. Because there arent enough Italian and Portuguese feasts there to keep them occupied. Stfu

      The scale is all wrong here

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      I don't get where this huge number of kids is coming from. This is like an entire high school class from some suburban town has invaded.

      Sure, when in high school, we used to hang out in places like Copley, Harvard Square, and Kenmore at night. And even did some underage drinking and other things. But the numbers were like a dozen kids or less - maybe up to two dozen in the summer at most? And we were generally non-disruptive about it.

      Social media

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      Makes it a lot easier for a group plan to jump from a clique to a class to an entire school event.


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      ...of the city if you have a problem with "gangs of teenagers." Granted it can be a slight nuisance. Go back to Iowa or Duxbury or wherever your boring life is picture effing perfect.

      Not due to expense

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      Many moved to get away from Boston schools, which are hard to get to from the North End.