Sweet deal: Back Bay to get outlet of high-end local bakery chain

The Board of Appeal today approved plans by Tatte to open a bakery at 399 Boylston St., across from where the Rattlesnake used to be.

Tatte, which now has outlets from Cambridge to Beacon Hill to Brookline, is also planning a 30-seat patio - which is the reason it needed board approval.

Tatte also needs a food-serving license from the Boston Licensing Board.



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I was really hoping it was where the Rattlesnake actually was, just for the possible name/headline: Snake & Bake.

Good for Tatte, but yeah the

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Good for Tatte, but yeah the bakery's quality has gone downhill. From going to the Beacon Hill spot, I get the sense a lot of many-days-old pastries are sold, and freshness is compromised for the bottom line. It's standards seem below say a Flour bakery.

I wish the same would happen

I wish the same would happen in the recently-closed Panera in Coolidge Corner. I know there's a Tatte near St. Mary's but I don't want to see another storefront in Coolidge go empty for years.


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$9.50 for a breakfast sandwich. Thanks but no thanks.

Tatte's crazy

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I'm still not used to paying $10 bucks for a bigass lunch sandwich.


$10 will only get you a small-ass lunch sandwich these days in Boston.

Tatte is good but hard to justify the prices. Impossible to get through the door with all the strollers for their location at St. Mary's.

Over priced, over hyped

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The Tatte near where I work in Cambridge is mediocre at best. Sandwiches are just meh and very expensive for what they offer. Better food right around the corner at Kendall Kitchen.


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They exist in that uncomfortable place that combines pretentiousness and high prices with mediocre quality. Their espresso drinks are meh, and if I'm gonna spend the money and calories on koign amann, it better be an exceptional piece of pastry. Also, annoying clientele, at least at the Charles Street location: parents with babybagoes that cost more than my car and uncontrollable children, manspreaders, people who can't figure out what the hell they want and place their damn order, the whole deal.

Here here

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I totally agree. Tatte is outrageously expensive and just not delicious. I am more than willing to pay for a good sandwich or pastry (have you ever been to Cafe Madeleine's in the South End?) - but Tatte does not deliver.