SUV driver hits T bus, taxi on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge; after carjacking in the Fenway

Car and SUV crash in Cambridge

A roving UHub photographer happened upon this scene on Mass. Ave. at MIT around 5:30 p.m., reports "the driver of the RAV ran for it," bringing State, Cambridge, MIT and MBTA police to the area to look for him. Boston Police also arrived on scene - and took custody of the driver and the car after he was located nearby, because the vehicle was carjacked on Edgerly Road in the Fenway.

Dave Boudreau reports the driver, who crossed the center line, also hit a taxi.



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dd808 is correct on 15 extra passengers

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Much like the fakers trying to claim benefits from the Boston Marathon Islamic terrorism, any T accident also has potential for fraud. A friend at the T told me it wasn't unusual for a 100 "riders" to show up at Boston Medical after a half empty bus that seats 50, crashed. Hopefully with cameras it's less of an issue these days.

The use of the word Islamic

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The use of the word Islamic terrorism caught me off guard then I looked at who left the comment and it all made sense.

Just a reminder on the Tsarnaev screed...

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It's only been four years but the Islamic terrorism at the Marathon caught you off guard? Really? Here's the younger brother's screed, written on the hull of the boat where he was hiding.

My point was the several imposters who tried to claim benefits from the "One Fund" had been nowhere near the incident, similar to what often used to happen in T accidents before cameras.

As opposed to ...

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The Christianic terrorist, John Salvi, who murdered how many people, again?

'Islamic terrorism' is

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'Islamic terrorism' is obviously a trigger term in today's world. Obama and Hillary came under fire for refusing to use the term. Personally I couldn't care less how people choose to define it, but it's still a loaded term. Terrorism happens by all colors, creeds, and religion, but you only hear people say 'christian' terrorism when they're trying to counter a point. So yes there at times appears to be racial undertones to that term.

A lot of

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T riders just want to get to their destination. Cynical comment.

1980 called

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They want their scammers back.

Very difficult to fake injuries in the era of MRI and other diagnostics. Also hard to pretend that you were on that bus when your charlie card hasn't registered your boarding and you don't have a charlie ticket receipt, either.

You don't get a receipt if

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You don't get a receipt if you pay cash.

That said, does anyone have a cite for this type of scam injuries actually happening recently on the T?

Will be impossible to catch the guy

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Since I'm assuming he took off the plates and filed off the VIN before he ran.

Leaving the scene is basically prosecuted as if you were drunk. Now, as for being drunk at 5:30 on a Wednesday … drunk enough to wind up all the way on the other side of the street? Must be fun times for traffic there.

It says they caught him?

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Did I miss something?

I still can't imagine anyone stealing a car and saying "yeah--Mass Ave at rush hour will give me a clean getaway!"