A tale of two lists: The people arrested after the racists were driven away from the Common in prisoner vans

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports on 14 people who were arraigned today (more will be arraigned on Tuesday and Wednesday). Didi Delgado reports on the treatment of several of the people while they were locked up awaiting arraignment.

According to the DA's office:

Nathan Mizrahi, of Norwich, NY, was ordered held in lieu of $10,000 bail on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition. Mohammed Eldeb, 23, of Somerville, had bail set at $500 on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - a bottle. He was then transported to Middlesex District Court to answer to existing warrants.

The other 12 people were released on personal recognizance:

Two men who had cases that appear unrelated to the rally or protests: one was for drinking in public and the other was for trespassing in the course of an apparent drug transaction; Two men were charged with punching one another; Two more were charged with jointly punching a third man; One was arrested after allegedly clutching his waistband, where Boston Police recovered a loaded handgun for which he had a valid license to carry out of Shrewsbury, causing a disturbance in the crowd on the Common; One was charged with running into a Boston Police officer who was on a bicycle, causing the officer to flip over his handlebars and sustain minor injuries; Four were charged with physically assaulting officers with hands, bottles of water and other substances, traffic cones, and other implements during a confrontation in the area of Boylston and Tremont rather than clearing the area as police had repeatedly requested.

Delgado has compiled a list, too, of what happened to some of the people between their arrests and arraignments, including:

There was a young Black man who'd never been inside a jail cell in his life. He couldn't believe how roughly police treated him—his shoulder was dislocated. He was locked up with a young white kid who was arrested for putting his body between the aggressive cops and him (the Black man). They bonded in the jail cell.

There was a Black accountant who was pissed off because he was beaten and spent 5 hours in lock-up, even though he's a fucking accountant.

I didn't speak to the 15 year old girl that was arrested. But I didn't have to in order to know that she had no business being put behind bars.

There was a Black Latinx woman who was in tears when we bailed her out. She was terrified at how police knocked her down, dragged her backwards, and put her wrists in zip ties before tossing her on a truck. Her husband was arrested for protecting her. ...



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Adam - There were people on that bandstand with "Black Lives DO Matter" posters. The WCVB, Channel 5, report that MY WIFE and I saw showed that, quite clearly. At least one of the speakers was a person of color (I believe of Indian extraction, although I cannot verify that.) I think it might be worthwhile to drop the "racists" label. Or at least go in-depth enough to differentiate between those who were, and those who weren't, before tarring all with the same brush.


Completely agree, Suldog.

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Yes, it was Shiva Ayyadurai, who is running against Elizabeth Warren. Long time lurker, I rarely post, but this has become insufferable. This used to be a great site, but it's nothing but Trump hysteria every day now. It's gotten more than old. Plenty of these people were looking for a fight with the cops, Adam. But your biases have gone so out of control, there's nothing like the old fairness you used to have (like during Occupy Boston). I removed UH from my bookmarks quite a while ago, and this will probably be my last comment, I don't come here much anymore. And stuff like this is why. And for all the race baiting liberals on here, I'm Puerto Rican, so save your racial stuff for a white guilt filled liberal.

A tale of two lists?

One list, compiled by the SCDA's office and the other one, compiled by a Didi Delgado is a list of all the innocent ('etc') victims of the police roundup. It seems totally biased and basically questioned the arrests one after the other.

DA says two held, one illegal pistol and another (A/B DW) plus open warrants. The rest were let go. Delgado claimed, "The police are at fault here. They instigated and incited violence." Yet it seems like all of them were arrested for assaulting police officers.

Funny, until this thread, it seemed like everyone was praising the BPD for restraint and professionalism. I thought it was three groups, the Free Speech in the bandstand, the BLM/Marchers from RCC(?) and the 'troublemakers (antifa)' that caused all the trouble.


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I'm white too and have been harassed by police.

But I have empathy for people who are constantly and unrelentingly harassed - I don't pretend that my experience of occasional harassment and attack is in any way proportional.

I was also able to "graduate" out of that when I got an education, job, and money. Black people I know have not been able to do that.

You need to get a sense of proportion - you know how you felt when that happened? Imagine getting treated like that ALL THE TIME and you'll be on your way to a greater understanding of your privilege.

Black people you know can't

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Black people you know can't get an education??? Where do you live? My wife is college graduate and black and certainly didn't grow up with money in the South End. My two children and their friends are doing pretty good. Some of them in BPS. There are many black people getting an education and jobs even though they deal with racism every day. I won't argue that society sucks but don't underestimate people of color.


Delgado claimed, "The police are at fault here. They instigated and incited violence." Yet it seems like all of them were arrested for assaulting police officers.

Not saying that nobody did assault any cops, but if you argue with or otherwise annoy a cop who's in an arresting mood, you'll often get charged with assaulting them. We have courts to attempt to establish whether the cops' allegations are true. Always taking their claims as truth is a big mistake.


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There was not much joy in the hearts of the riot police escorting the racists out. The two arrests that happened nearest to me happened after they formed the initial wedge to force a corridor for the transport vehicles. Folks who didn't get out of the way fast enough got shoved to the ground and zip tied. The good news is that there were about a hundred people with cameras rolling, so the traditional narrative of "he was arrested for resisting arrest" won't go unchallenged if they try to press charges.

And of course,

They don't need to press charges to get to their goal, if that is to punish people they are annoyed with. Throwing those people to the ground, painfully restraining them, tossing them first into Police Transport Vehicles, then into jail -- all of that has a definite impact on the recipients, whether they have done anything wrong or not.

The narrative reported out of Boston


The narrative reported out of Boston yesterday should have been this: Black people peacefully led 40,000 people through the city to chase white supremacists out of public space and reclaim the streets. Black people, led by Black women, called on allies to show up, and they did. They led an organized, determined, loving group of people across the city and it was only when they arrived at where the police were waiting with riot gear and batons that things got “tense.”

A man in anti-fascist symbols was patted down and searched by three police officers as he was simply trying to cross the street. Police were observed creating a line of bodies to “hold back” counterprotesters, which an NBC Boston reporter called “a powerful image.”

And yet, an hour later during an argument with a Black man, it was a white man in a Make America Great Again hat who tried to pull a gun before being chased by police and taken into custody. Another man in a MAGA hat was whisked to safety by police, behind their compound beneath the Common, when counterprotesters simply heckled — and made no threats. I did not see counterprotesters given the same courtesy when the situation was reversed.

Furthermore, why can’t the media make the joy and resistance the focus of reports? The peaceful, determined, and strong AF people who turned up to make sure everyone knew that Boston had no tolerance for white supremacy far outnumbered the white nationalists, the free speechers, or even the agitators. What I will remember about being in the crowd yesterday is not the few people who were looking for a fight, but the smiling faces of people who came together to say enough is enough. I saw "witches against white supremacy," pedicab drivers for the resistance, queer and trans folks, the Boston Teachers' Union, and faith leaders of all stripes.

The good news is that there

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The good news is that there were about a hundred people with cameras rolling

If such footage existed, wouldn't it be on the frontpage of reddit already?

Reddit? Hahahaha

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You're joking, right?

At least one of those arrested was a photographer who was photographing police activity. Just FYI. He got an epic photo taken from the ground where he was thrown by police, looking up at three armed and armored cops looming over him.

so ...

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What? Exactly?

They get to attack, assault, and arrest anybody they want because COP IS ANGRY RARWR!!!!

Try again.

To bad the State Troopers are so poorly trained compared to BPD - they get more paramilitary marching around and jackbooted uniform spiffing time than they get "actual dealing with people like professionals" training.

I don't have to try. I'm

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I don't have to try. I'm sorry the police didn't keep their smile up while being pelted with bottles while trying to do the job that WE ask of them. Keep order. I was told by a family member that was in that area protesting that some people were pushing on the police, throwing things and not following orders and that's why arrests were made. Police were not running around assaulting innocent people from what she said.

Oh I see

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Innocent People = don't DARE exercise their first amendment rights to free assembly unless they are BEGGING for cops to beat them up on the flimsiest pretense.

That's not the job that I pay them for - and it is a very good bet that I pay a hell of a lot more in taxes than you do.

Expand on this, please

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That's not the job that I pay them for - and it is a very good bet that I pay a hell of a lot more in taxes than you do.

What does this mean? What purpose did you feel in writing it?

Like I said in my last post..

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Like I said in my last post.....Oh and congratulations on paying more taxes than me!!!......??? Lmfao

If you're going to protest, protest with purpose

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The fighting occurred; but the Globe and other outlets are so desperate to use the protest as a "look, we're not racist" tool; that facts get left out. Boston was racist on 8-18. Boston is racist on 8-22. If you're gonna protest, protest with purpose. Stephanie Pollack cut the Fairmount Line commitments so she has enough money for the $1 billion Green Line Extension match. That alone should trigger a 2 mile protest from Roxbury to the Common, not a fake "racist vs. non-racist" rally-o-rama.

Green line extension is racist?

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Explain this. Or, better yet, check out the US Census maps for the types of people the GLX will serve. Or is that too much reality for you?

No, but Dukakis and Pollack are

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Under both, Boston's black community gets screwed. The Orange Line shifts out of Roxbury and gets a mountain of funding, Washington St is told to wait their turn, they get scraps. The GLX gets a mountain of money. The Fairmount Line is told to wait heir turn, they get scraps.


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Jealous that your pet strawman didn't get the attention that a massive rally did?


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I keep hearing about the building of the Blue Hill Avenue Station, which is going on now (well, going on nights and weekends.) That was the last part of the commitment. They're done with Fairmount. And some of the riders appear to be balking at adding a few more trains to the line.

And why was that?

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Could perhaps one of the reason being a lack of supply of DMUs in North America?

Northern Rail are replacing their Pacers. Perhaps MassDOT should put a bid in on them for the Fairmount line.

It's too bad that the only

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It's too bad that the only way to be not racist is to support a useless money pit of a commuter rail line that doesn't go where the ridership demand is.

Speed up the Silver Line and 28. Those are the routes people actually need.

There are eyewitnesses here, darling

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People who saw police attack people who were unable to magic themselves out of the way.

I don't care what video you saw that makes you feel all fresh, special, and validated. You don't even know if it was from Boston! But eyewitnesses to brutality are here in our midst - are you going to use your precious clairvoyant cop support vibes to tell them that they are wrong?

Save it Sweetheart. Don't

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Save it Sweetheart. Don't school me on police brutality and some racist police. You don't know me. Police were attacked at the rally. The end

Was there urine in the bottle

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Was there urine in the bottle? There were lots of reports of bottles filled with urine being thrown at police. That's stuff of the middle ages or when Cersei Lannister did her famous 'atonement'


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Your post was posted at 11:47pm.. it is now 6:20am.

Either adam had one hellva bunch of visitors overnight or this post is being artificially up-voted. Sorry I think its the latter.

That's besides the point.. I'll open a can of worms here and ask this question. Since when did the color of your skin matter if you are a racist or not? Racism is in your soul and up bringing, not your skin color. With that said, just because Shiva is darker skin toned, does not mean he cannot be a racist. So please take your generalities and shove it.

I also heard what he said.. I don't like the guy regardless, but he was an ass and speaking to their insecurities, which is what he does. Plus he was there just trying to garner any support he can get.. he's going to need it to run against Warren next year (she's too well loved). Shiva is a shill, and would steal candy from a baby if it means he'd gain a voter in the process, he was doing nothing more than pandering to them.

Secondly, as far as the "liberal baiting" and this site. You claim its "trump hysteria" lately on here.. have you flipped on the news and paid attention lately? Yeah we're living in the twilight zone right now, so it's a bit warranted. And frankly, as a long time user here myself, I can honestly tell you.. if he doesn't post about, we, the commentators will bring it up anyways... trust me it has happened before and it will happen again.

And frankly... as a system administrator... and someone who hosts a controversial website himself, I totally get where Adam is coming from. If our country was under attack by Neo Nazi's, I'd use my own website as a platform too. This is what makes the internet great.

No one is telling you to come here. No one is telling you to read this site. But you felt so compelled to write a reply telling off Adam and how bad you feel. How about you just close the window if you don't like it so much. Please, don't let the door hit you on the way out...

Of course the same could be said about me... but eh. It's 6am, I have a few minutes before I have to leave, might as well read someone the riot act while I have my coffee.


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It's now 7:20 and that comment is closing in on 100 thumbs up. The only time I've seen triple digits before is in the middle of the day on fast moving threads about controversial-to-UHub topics like bicyclists. I'd be very interested to see Adams traffic logs from overnight.


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Probably posted to a message board or right wing blog somewhere and asked for support, because idiots think clicks means they're more right.

Just more intellectual dishonesty and propaganda from Nazi sympathizers who don't understand that when the guillotines fall they'll be next in line.

At least some in the party are waking up that Dr Frankenstein can no longer control his monster of convenience. Probably too late though.

See also

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just because Shiva is darker skin toned, does not mean he cannot be a racist. So please take your generalities and shove it.

The Partition of India. Oh, how peaceful THAT was. Not.

Plenty of these people were

Plenty of these people were looking for a fight with the cops

There were 40,000 people and 30 arrests. The vast majority of the people there were not looking for a fight.

BPD riot police called out

Please notice the lack of arrests before the riot squad was marched out after the rally was over to clear Boylston (the intersection at Tremont and further up Essex) so that Marty Walsh could, as planned, give the alt-right neo-Nazis police escort service.

When I heard him say the police escort was planned, he was on WCVB Sunday morning, I got pissed that the people he said were not welcome in our city got a police escort and the people on Boylston got threatened with clubs by BPD riot police.

30,000 had just left the Common. They were all over the streets. I can't say if there was an alternative route or not but I can say it was a bad plan to try to extract the alt-right neo-Nazis at the end of a rally attended by 30,000 people using force applied by the riot police against Bostonians who attended.

Vice has it covered

After a planned far-right “free speech” rally disbanded, riot police and counterprotesters — mostly young black men and far-left anti-fascists — clashed in downtown Boston Saturday afternoon.

...During the clashes, however, counterprotesters wanted to know why officers were protecting people they called “white supremacists.”

How about this

If you don't like how things are reported here, you do your own reporting?

I guess it is just a lot easier to jump on stage, yank down your pants and waggle your member because "this popular band sucks!" than to form your own band and draw your own audience?


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The BLACK LIVES DO MATTER signs belonged to Shiva Ayyadurai. At the bottom they say Shiva Ayyadurai 4 senate.

Racist Signs?

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In a way such a phrase "Black Lives Do Matter" is a head in the sand counter to "Black Lives Matter" because it's seeming to say there is no need to say "Black Lives Matter" which is said because sometimes the police don't seem to think so. So including the "Do" means there is no current problem of systematic racism or incidents of racism when in fact there are such problems.

Sure looks like

Militia nut Nathan Mizrahi came looking for a fight with the cops.

Four knives, a loaded gun, body armor, supremacist tattoos...

Good on BPD for taking him and other armed troublemakers in.

Adam, where is your typical

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Adam, where is your typical douchey response when people make valid comments about your biased reporting?

And there it is!

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And there is said douchey comment you were looking for!

Adam. I applaud you for the innovative and informative website you once had; news and information was available here regarding the city and region that you couldn't get elsewhere and it was truly interesting.

However, since Trump was elected this website has become unreadable and absolutely annoying.

Actually, obnoxious is probably the best term.

No, it's not because I'm a Trump supporter: it's because I don't want it shoved down my throat at every waking moment that you and your liberal apologists aren't. I just want to know what's going on in Boston and that's why I came here.

The real news is no longer important though (yes, insert more douchey Trump fake news comments here...please...)

However, it's your website. I don't have to come here and I no longer will.

You keep reporting biased, one sided news as you want and all your sheep will continue eating it up as they have. I, and anyone else that wants real journalistic reporting, will get it elsewhere.

And for anyone who wants to comment, you go right ahead: I won't read them because I simply don't care and will not be back once the last period has been struck.


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Or should I say Baaaah.

You've always had a choice - you don't have to read every article. But whatever, I wish you well.

Wah, wah, wah

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However, it's your website. I don't have to come here and I no longer will.

"I'm leaving! Everybody watch me leave! I am hereby ANNOUNCING THAT I AM LEAVING, EVERYBODY PAY ATTENTION!!!"

Just go already.

And for anyone who wants to comment, you go right ahead: I won't read them because I simply don't care and will not be back once the last period has been struck.

Good, then you won't read this, but someone who has misguided sympathy for your point of view may. As Rita Mae Brown once said, "If you don't like my book, write your own." I suggest you, and anyone who has their undies in a bunch over what SOMEONE ELSE WRITES, get to writing your own, or just STFU forever.

Not all Trump supports are racists.

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I agree completely with Suldog.

The fifty or so folks on the bandstand were not all racists. You are just feeding the flame that Trump supporters, by and large, are all racists. Now, I realize that Trump brings out the inner racist is some people (which we indeed saw in charlottesville) but not all.

Thank you.


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I'll go along with "Not all Trump supporters are racists."

But EVERY SINGLE ONE was ok with his racist dogwhistling. EVERY SINGLE ONE was ok in the presence of the Klan and Nazis who claimed Trump for their own. They lay down with dogs, they got up with fleas. Don't blame that on the people who chose differently.

Not true.....

Many of them supported him because they felt the other (Hilary, democrats, etc) were worse, so they picked the lesser of two evils.


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And they're vocally disavowing their choice after making a huge mistake.

But some people are still making excuses. They change the subject when you mention they should get their flea problem looked at. Hopefully they don't get lime.

Of course....

Some of them still like Trump, some of them now hate him, some of them never cared, some of them just vote republican anyway, some of them are in the KKK and vote against Democrats no matter what, some of them are in the 1% and don't want to be taxed higher, some of them are white racists on welfare and see republicans as a threat to their welfare programs and didn't vote for him, while many in that same group don't care and vote republican anyway....

The list goes on and on. I think people voted for Trump for many reasons. You had over 1 million people in Massachusetts alone go to the polls and vote for the guy, almost 40,000 of them Boston residents. We aren't talking about a few Nazis here.

Yes, true

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Pete, with their vote they aided and abetted Donald Trump in his quest to obtain the highest office in the land, and in so doing said in effect that their taxes or their jobs or their whatever (or rather, their perception of what Trump would do to help THEM PERSONALLY) was more important than the appalling implications and outcomes of putting a racist and racist-enabler in the White House. It does not matter why they did it. It does not matter if they, as so many white people just love saying, don't have a racist bone in their bodies. They did it, indifferent to the cost to others. And now they want the world to pin a "Not a Racist" ribbon on them. So they're not racists? Fine. They're racist enablers, racist empowerers, racist supporters. They can wear their "Not a Racist" ribbon with pride, but I don't think it'll get them invited to many parties.


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If you ever have a chance, read a critique of the candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton. You have to understand that there were people who felt that her election would be an enabling of certain behaviors that some find repugnant. On the other hand, while Donald John Trump might have hand some warts on him, somehow people think that back in November voters should have known that in August 2017 he would have said that some of the Charlottesville protesters were "basically good people." In the end, in the proper combination of states, the voters said that they hated HRC more than DJT.

Of course, I was a Gary Johnson guy. I still think that the main party candidates were morons.

somehow people think that

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somehow people think that back in November voters should have known that in August 2017 he would have said that some of the Charlottesville protesters were "basically good people."

I mean, a huge number of the Hilary voters knew that. Every young liberal I knew, despite being major Bernie stans and who had seriously "holding their nose and pulling the lever" syndrome, knew Trump was a white supremacist and stirring up sentiments and entitlements that would only get worse. Did they know SPECIFICALLY that he would be calling neo-nazis who were committing domestic terrorism good people? No, but all the clues were there.

Acting like this OMG COULDN'T HAVE BEEN FORSEEN is intellectually dishonest to anyone who was paying attention.

I Knew in August 2016 Trumps'S True Colors

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I'm a daughter of a WWII refugee who grew up on stories about the horror in Europe. I'm also a student of history. You could see the flames Trump was fanning and the Brexit vote was an early signal of things to come. After everything, it won't matter if improper use of an insecure server had you check Trump on the ballot. Standing with a racist and a Nazi sympathizer is what you did. That stain won't wash

somehow people think that

somehow people think that back in November voters should have known that in August 2017 he would have said that some of the Charlottesville protesters were "basically good people."

With all due respect, if you didn't hear all the warnings in the year leading up to the election, if you didn't see this coming, you either weren't paying attention at all or you didn't want to believe this could happen. All this behavior was ENTIRELY PREDICTABLE and was entirely predicted. The loyalty oaths he demanded at his rallies, the threats of violence he issued against protesters, the idolization of dictators, his history of racial discrimination in his housing developments, his cozying up to white supremacists long before the election and his refusal to denounce them, his use of language echoing Charles Lindbergh and non-intervention in WWII ("America First"), speaking wistfully about how we need “riots to go back to where we used to be when we were great”... the list goes on and on. All you have to do is look back on the pre-election news, talk shows, editorials, books, etc. and see the comparisons to facism and prewar Nazi Germany (and the rebuttals) and all the warnings and predictions are right there. There is no excuse for not having seen this coming. People may not have cared or they may have thought this was better than Hillary, but this is what they voted for and this is what they said was ok.

Okay, how about this

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You might be surprised that Donald Trump campaigned on things other than ending Muslim immigration or the g-d wall. Some people like the idea of building our economy, which was a big theme of this campaign. There are more important things to a lot of people than identity politics.

Or conversely, Hillary Clinton was one of the worst candidates ever to run as a major party nominee for President.

Either way, there were other reasons to vote for Trump.

I voted for Gary Johnson.

citations needed

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Hillary Clinton was one of the worst candidates ever to run as a major party nominee for President.

Since when is WINNING the popular vote tantamount to this? Or is it just your sexism showing?

That is true, people did vote

That is true, people did vote for him for other reasons. I didn't claim they hadn't. My comment was in response to your statement that people couldn't have been expected to predict his behavior, even though the signs and warnings were there all along. Those that voted for him, no matter what their reasons, in effect said his extremist views and actions were acceptable. They've probably permanently lowered the bar for the tone of elections.

What evidence

Besides the word "no" what evidence do you have that those Trump voters did not find those views acceptable, in a US President?

One peice of evidence

By on

There is a universe of people voted for Obama and voted for Obama Trump's (or were turned off by Clinton)

Why are people persisting in this fiction that all Trump voters are racists?

[citation needed]

By on

Statistics please. You are projecting a Venn Diagram according to your wistful fantasy, not according to data.

Please present the data.

Some people like the idea of

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Some people like the idea of building our economy, which was a big theme of this campaign. There are more important things to a lot of people than identity politics.

Sure. But those people can't now turn around and cry because their feelings are hurt. If you're prioritizing economics over "identity politics," you're explicitly stating you're okay with racism, sexism, and the like, as long as it profits you. You can't pretend you're so omg not racist after you make that choice. Own it.

This is why the Dems are in trouble

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I think a lot of what the GOP is a crock, but if the Dems emphasized the economy over who gets to use which bathroom, they'd be in office. People working good jobs at good wages wins over debating what Michael Brown was doing when the shots (not the first shot, since he was beating a cop in his car when that went off) began.

In the end, Trump probably will do a crappy job on helping those left behind, but I'll bet anything whoever gets the nomination in 2020 will fight the race like it's 2016. And probably with the same results.

Oh, hey, I'm back to the first point. People had reasons for voting for Trump that had nothing to do with racism.


Seems to me that the GOP was the one obsessed with matching equipment to bathrooms.

You just tipped your hand.


By on

On the campaign trail, Trump called such things solutions in search of a problem.

But thanks, once again, for reminding me what my party has become. Thank God they caved on the abortion litmus test. Not a workers rights litmus test, but drawing the line at a social issue where people can have opposing sides for the best of reasons.

Joe Manchin 2020!

So many different words

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For saying I <3 Fascism! I want to control your body! I want to check your panties!

Minding your own business is compatible with Catholocism. You sound like a Christianist Terrorist.

Plenty of ways to know if you bothered to look

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1. Drumpf's father was arrested for a KKK riot in the 1920s. Attacking cops and black people. Look it up.

2. Long history of lawsuits, fines, and legal findings of extreme discrimination in his real-estate ventures. Again - look it up. Too many to list here.

TL/DR you didn't want to know if you weren't aware of it.

Oh don't start

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If you ever have a chance, read a critique of the candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I was a Bernie Sanders supporter, don't talk to me about Clinton flaws. The difference between me and the people who "hated HRC more than DJT" is:

1) I'm not an idiot, and
2) They didn't really hate DJT at all. They were just fine with him, especially the warty parts.

And that's what I'm calling out. Don't make excuses for them.

there were two other candidates

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besides Trump or Hillary to choose from. The argument that 3rd party candidates are a wasted vote is the very thing keeping them from being legitimate. A snake eating its own tail. If all the dem-hating idiots voted for Gary Johnson he would be president, and, now that we have hindsight (not really it was blatantly clear before to anyone with a brain), saying Gary Johnson would have been a bad POTUS while simultaneously voting Trump is a head explosion moment. We thought Bush was the worst, Trump makes him look like Jesus.
I am liberal leaning independent and I voted 3rd party. People need to get the 2 party system OUT of their heads. Literally, the only thing worse is a one party system, a la China, aka Communist dictatorship. Congrats America, we are slightly better than Communist China. Slow clap.

The argument that 3rd party

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The argument that 3rd party candidates are a wasted vote

It's not an argument. It's a fact. The rules of the game make 3rd party candidates a huge problem. First change the rules, and then maybe it's helpful to have 3rd parties.

Evidence that suggested Donald Trump

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is a despicable dim-witted clown was freely available to everyone before the election. Of course everything that's happened since has only served to confirm that evidence.

To vote is a right. It's also a responsibility. To vote for Donald Trump despite the evidence of what kind of person he is constitutes a complete abdication of one's responsibility as a voter. And it has nothing to do with politics; he was a reprehensible person when he was a liberal Democrat as recently as the 1990s.


Why would they need to ask that Nazi flags be kept home? Also, would the kekistani flag count?


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Suldog, your commentary is usually enlightening so I am particularly disappointed that you seem to have fallen for fake news. The people at the bandstand were not holding up "black lives matter" signs, "end GMO" posters, or espousing any other liberal values. Only the people who were at the bandstand say they were holding those signs. Every other photo of the people at the bandstand clearly show a lack of signs. In fact, the fake photos remove the American & Gadsen flags clearly visible in all the other bandstand photos/videos.

There's also a fake video making the rounds, posted by a candidate for Senate in MA who claims to have been a speaker at the rally. Given that his entire platform opposes liberal values there is very little reason to believe he gave a stump speech to <100 people about a topic he doesn't otherwise support publicly. He wants to unseat a liberal bastion in our Senate delegation but only a handful of stated "right wingers" get to know that he's secretly liberal? No. He's lying. And he thinks voters will fall for it. (Some local stations used bits of the fake video so perhaps you saw that. Why they decided to run fake video is a...mystery.)

Worse, the first fake photo (and there's only one, used repeatedly) came from the "personal account" of a reporter for Sputnik, the Russian-owned state media. (I'm not naming people here because the professional trolls have clearly already found Adam's website; I'm not going to help their SEO here). You should have questions about why a Massachusetts candidate for Senate posted a fake video that seems to have origins in Russia. (Yes, Russia. These Nazis and Russia are...connected. See also: infamous anti-Semitic website now hosted by the Kremlin.)

I strongly suggest that everyone support the people living in Massachusetts - people who put the interests of the Commonwealth, America, and the concept of Western democracy - first.

We're Boston. We're smarter than this.

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No, but seriously: check the sources of those photos & videos you think are all individual. They're not. There is one photo & one video purporting to be from inside the gazebo "proving" what the rally was really about - and it's lying. There are a bunch of other photos from other sources showing that one photo & one video to be a lie. Why did our local TV stations use the video & photo without attribution? I don't know. But I can find evidence that the lying image is the same, and some evidence of the source. I'm sure someone with better IT skills than me can do even more digging.

MattyC - your link leads back to a dude who seems not to have actually been in Boston, but works at a media company with Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec. Googling the source link leads to a livejournal written in Cyrillic.

Cybah - your link has tentacles leading back to 4chan. [Enough said I hope. At least enough to encourage others to look into this themselves.]

Here are some links to other photos taken of the rally, by various people so that you can compare & contrast the differences between what the Nazis say happened & what actually happened:

Seriously...we have a bold liar running for Senate here in Massachusetts. Why is he lying so boldly? What's the source of his lie? Why are people trusting what a list of Nazis say over our own reality?

Just reposting

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Just reposting what I was tagged in on Saturday (someone tagged me in that post)

Sorry about that.. I found the whole video just to be odd anyways.


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Don't agree with what he said (as stated above) but he is correct. People were holding signs as he describes. Which I found strange considering the company...

Here's a link to a close up video of Shiva speaking at the pavilion on Saturday.

THIS is how I know he was just pandering to people




Since when do we limit speech on the grounds that is comes from a politician who is pandering to potential voters? I saw the video, there is no way I am voting for him, but that has nothing to do with his right to speak.

But speaking to the content of his speech, when a man born in India to parents of the lowest caste says he understands victims of racism.... I think he knows what he's talking about.

he wasn't denied

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Since when do we limit speech on the grounds that is comes from a politician who is pandering to potential voters? I saw the video, there is no way I am voting for him, but that has nothing to do with his right to speak.

As we can clearly see in the video, he spoke and was able to speak. How is this limiting his free speech?

But speaking to the content of his speech, when a man born in India to parents of the lowest caste says he understands victims of racism.... I think he knows what he's talking about.

Sure, and Im sure others to do. But my point was, he was just pandering to get votes. I honestly think 99% of what he said was just to pander.

And besides.. I got problems with him. Not only did he go and even speak to these idiots on Saturday, they are also Neo Nazi's. And I'm sure his ex wife (Fran Drescher..it doesn't get much more Jewish than her) had ALOT to say to him about that.

He's nothing more than shill.

Those signs...

"Black lives do matter (so shut up about it already)"

As Chip Goines said about Ayyudurai's signs that your wife saw, "It's a subtle way to coopt the movement for racial justice for your own ends without fully embracing it, & diluting the message."

Me too, but

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I can't remember the name of that particular adult film.

I never knew

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That if you never been to jail, are an accountant or a 15 year old girl, or are very upset that you don't deserve to be arrested.

Funny how neither myself nor the many others I knew in attendance saw any evidence of the police just grabbing and roughing up random innocents. I guess all the actual violent and out of control idiots managed to magically vanish while these poor souls were mistakingly arrested.

Did you see the eclipse yesterday?

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Funny how neither myself nor the many others I knew in attendance saw any evidence of the police just grabbing and roughing up random innocents.

Did you see the eclipse yesterday? No? Guess that didn't happen either.

Protecting her/Protecting the young black man...

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You aren't allowed to interfere in an arrest of another person. You are not allowed to resist arrest. That's not a right.

"Protecting" someone from arrest is not a thing.

I don't know who or what Didi Delgado is, but they should probably not be the main subject of an article on your website, Adam. They didn't speak to the 15 year old girl, but they didn't have to to know that she shouldn't have been arrested! And the other guy was an accountant! And he was black! OMG!

Give me a break.

Didi Delgado

was one of the organizers of the massively successful march from Roxbury to the Common. She's not just some random observer.

Do you have any accounts of

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Do you have any accounts of how the BPD felt? I'm guessing that bike officer that was assaulted wasn't too happy. Or the ones pelted with rocks and piss weren't feeling too happy afterwards either.

Have you seen the videos being posted on conservative websites from Saturday? Or no because you don't agree with the source. I encourage you to watch them.

Circle jerks vs 40,000

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While the right circle jerks over 40 arrested in a crowd of 40,000, we just saw a similar number of arrests for public drinking and resisting arrest over on the North End for the fishermen's feast.

I know the 101st keyboardists love to revel in their oppression, but at some point statistics matter.

BPD arrested them, and they'll be prosecuted if found to have committed a crime. The system is working and the world turns.

If we want to talk stats, why were 15% of the Nazis arrested by BPD? What is up with the right and their failure to peacefully come to Boston? I mean the anti-nazi crowd was able to keep incidents down to 0.015% of their attendees...

Someone better do something about these right wing terrorists.

If you throw rocks and

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If you throw rocks and bottles filled with urine at police(or anyone) you should be arrested. Not only is that uncivil behavior its against the law.

I was right about my comment

I was right about my comment on other post that you are trying to somehow say police are doing a poor job. Adam none of anything you post is believable anymore. The complaint about the innocent 15 year old girl and innocent accountant have me laughing out loud!

I think Adam is pretty fair with this piece....

And really all he is doing is showing what two different sides thought of what happened with different perspectives. This was an important political event in Boston and Adam should be writing 2-5 pieces a day on it.

Were some innocent people arrested or hurt yesterday? Probably. Were some of the people who complained to Didi Delgado lying, criminal, POS? Probably. Were there about 1,000 criminals who assaulted each other and police who did not face criminal charges? Yes (most of these not too serious thankfully)

I think intelligent adults who have common sense, have a good grasp on civics and who can read can figure out what happened here, and those who were there actually saw it. Cell phone cameras are a great thing.....

Once Again

An attack on the blog host with no actual substance. This isn't an argument, this is abuse.

Adam even gives you your own blog - why don't you use it? Craft a rational, well-structured, well-sourced blog post stating your agenda or beliefs and it might even get promoted to the front page.

Oh, wait ... that's too much like work.

"No actual substance?" Have

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"No actual substance?" Have you given any thought to the language and labels used in the headline?

Well, I've heard from the

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Well, I've heard from the Left, some words equal violence. Now words are 'abusive?'

“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”
― George Orwell, 1984

Let me google that for you,

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Let me google that for you, sunshine.


noun: abuse; plural noun: abuses
the improper use of something.
"alcohol abuse"
synonyms: misuse, misapplication, misemployment; More
unjust or corrupt practice.
"protection against fraud and abuse"
synonyms: corruption, injustice, wrongdoing, wrong, misconduct, misdeed(s), offense(s), crime(s), sin(s)
"the scheme is open to administrative abuse"
cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal.
"a black eye and other signs of physical abuse"
synonyms: mistreatment, maltreatment, ill-treatment; More
antonyms: care, nurturing
violent treatment involving sexual assault, especially on a repeated basis.
"young people who have suffered sexual abuse"
insulting and offensive language.
"waving his fists and hurling abuse at the driver"
synonyms: insults, curses, jibes, expletives, swear words; More
antonyms: compliments, flattery


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The same wanker coming in on every thread whining the same tired bullshit about the blog host while offering no actual arguments or reasoning from evidence is:

the improper use of something.
"waving his fists and hurling abuse at the driver"



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You need to go to the Argument Clinic and get that fixed.

Bike accident or bike collision?

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One was charged with running into a Boston Police officer who was on a bicycle, causing the officer to flip over his handlebars and sustain minor injuries

One way to imagine this is a ne'er-do-well who came to the Common looking for trouble ran into a police officer on a bike to knock him over. Another way to imagine this is that a protester lost his cool, maybe misinterpreted a situation, and rashly but willfully knocked the police officer off the bike. Another way to imagine this is that the person never saw the police officer, and their paths merely intersected -- in which case the charges are nutso.

I mean, he was an accountant

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I'm surprised he just didn't tell the cops that. They would have let him go right away.

I swear, that's got to be the first time claim of being an accountant was used to declare innocence. The only question I have to ask is, was he a certified public accountant?

Ted Kaczynski was a mathematician with degrees from Harvard and the University of Michigan. What does your employment background have to do with the crime you are charged with?

The point, for deliberately obtuse people like you

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The point, for deliberately obtuse people like you, is that this isn't the typical profile of a violent police-hating agitator, and therefore the circumstances behind the arrest deserve close scrutiny. Got a problem with that?

That is a problem lbb.....

People who commit acts of violence aren't just unemployed poor people or people with blue collar jobs. Every complaint of police brutality should be investigated, just because you are an accountant doesn't make you more important than everyone else.

No, the point is a sense of entitlement

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Your socioeconomic status (or having advanced specialized college degrees vs so called blue collar, because many 'blue collar' people have higher incomes vs 'white collar') shouldn't determine if you get legitimately arrested or not.

The point...

For deliberately obtuse people like you, is that accountants can be assholes just like anyone else

How is it not the "profile"?

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Are you saying the police should be profiling the population?

I wasn't there, but I'm certain they weren't asking people for their occupations before they were taken into custody. I mean, the only version of that is when the arrestee states "do you know who I am?" I'm not sure, but my guess is that it doesn't go well from there.

Stop it

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Are you saying the police should be profiling the population?

You're really going for the absurdity trifecta today, aren't you?

Well, since you asked, yes

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Yes, I do have problem with profiling being used to determine whether someone deserves to be arrested.

I'm curious, what is the profile of a person for whom the circumstances of the arrest *wouldn't* deserve close scrutiny?

Yeah, well at least I have

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Yeah, well at least I have comfort in knowing there's a huge population of the Arian Nation behind bars in this country.

67 America First Rallies Cancelled, in 36 states


ACT for America has cancelled 67 "America First" rallies planned for Sept. 9 in 36 states.

The local organizer for the pro-Trump rally told Syracuse.com Friday that she was canceling the Syracuse event.

ACT for America is replacing the rallies with a "Day of ACTion." The new event will be conducted online and through other media. The national organization said more details will be released soon.

The group said the cancellation was due to the "recent violence in America and in Europe, and out of an abundance of caution for the safety of members as well as all Americans."

Massive Shows of Reality

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Beats their little fascist reality show every time.

They really don't want people to see how minuscule their numbers are in HD compared to those who want a better America for everyone - not just white guys. Must be like showering next to Ron Jeremy.

If you don't think that their next demonstration in the south wouldn't get such a turnout, well, you don't know the South. They can't complain about "outside" people, either given how many they imported to attack Charlottesville.

Great Job, Boston - showing them how stupid and weak they really are! All the same, it would have been great to see the "none of this nonsense" crowds swamp their little day of pity parties for white weakness.


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Never heard of 'em.

One of the speakers Boston

One of the speakers Boston FreeSpeech scheduled had to be cancelled because he's a virulent racist. He spoke in Charlottesville. The reason the speaker was cancelled was because of all the national attention Charlottesville drew, not because Boston organizers had an epiphany. Charlottesville was openly hateful, racist and violent. It was designed to make people fearful

Another attendee was not cancelled. He founded the street-fighting arm of proud boys. I never considered street fighting a form of protected speech. Nonetheless, he was invited. At a bar north of Boston he shared his views on race. He too is a racist. He was invited.

Adam is getting shit for calling people drawn to speak and listen at Free Speech rallies racist. He's right that they're invited to speak. Fair or not, Charlottesville cemented a reputation that those of us following the phenomena already sussed out.

Charlotesville was the far-right coming out party including alt-right, neo-Nazis, KKK, proud boys, white nationalists. One them killed a woman and injured 19 with his car. Gangs of grown white men stalked black men and beat them with clubs.

Maybe the best way to describe the rallies are racist and racist tolerant. They're also fascist and fascist tolerant, not all but too many,



I told Medlar that I wasn’t interested in the mainstream media’s interview approach and said that we should sit back, relax, and just talk about whatever he wanted to talk about. And so began the discussion of memes and Pepe the Frog.

Note Rod Webber's description of four of the speakers scheduled for Free Speech Saturday

I arrived at the rally to discover friends asking whether I was speaking. They said that I was listed on the official event page and that my name was published in the Boston Globe alongside those of such unsavory characters as a Holocaust denier, an outspoken homophobe, the creator of “Ten Things I Hate About the Jews,” and a dude who is notorious—or famous, depending on whom you are asking—for attacking demonstrators with a bat.

read the whole thing

To Everyone Who Still Thinks This Was A "FREE SPEECH" Rally

I am posting this here, as there's a lot of pushback for Adam's characterization of the "free speech" rally speakers, on this post and elsewhere.

We all know that between Sunday, August 13 and Saturday, August 19, most of the six planned and publicized speakers pulled out. So, who were these speakers, and were they really white supremacists?

Of the six, four of them certainly were. And those four had lead billing in the poster and social media campaign to publicize the rally. One of the remaining two has been happy to accept the support of racists for his senate campaign.

See the poster here:

I'm providing info on all of them below. I hope we can finally put to bed that this was intended to be a "rally for free speech." None of the advertised speakers have had any prior problem finding a platform for their speech-- and a few have made handsome livings off of it. And many of them have been happy to deprive other people of their ability to speak freely. That 4 out of 6 of the speakers who were used to attract attendance are white supremacists should make pretty clear that free speech was not the real rallying point; I think we all know that two-thirds of all free speech activists are not white supremacists.

And, to repeat something I've said elsewhere, when white supremacists hold a rally called "Snuggle With Puppies," the people who march against the white supremacists are NOT anti-puppy.

And I'm not going to link to the more foul websites I had to look at to put this together. If you want to factcheck me, google it yourself

Kyle Chapman (“Based Stockman), career criminal & prison indoctrinated white supremacist, founder of the Fraternal Order of Alt Knights (FOAK) which is described by the the Proud Boys own magazine (I refuse to link) as, “FOAK with be a subset within the Proud Boys and will have it’s [sic] own chapters, joining requirements, vetting rules, rituals, and charter. They are seeking able bodies and strong minded men who can keep a cool head under pressure, comfortable in fisticuffs.”
Considering he’s a violent, occasionally homeless ex-con, that he now has over 30,000 twitter followers is remarkable. He definitely has no problem finding a platform.

Gavin McInnes is a pretty familiar figure in Boston, so I won’t rehash his anti-semitism, transphobia, paranoid MRA nonsense, or “Western nationalist” racism. I will, however, point out that he hardly needs a new platform for his voice—most people who want an audience would envy his opportunities to opine factlessly on, well, anything. Since leaving Vice, in addition to running his own vanity website Street Carnage, McInnes had a podcast called “Free Speech,” currently has The Gavin McInnes Show, writes for Rebel Media, The Federalist, Taki’s Magazine and others, has been interviewed by a lot of mainstream media outlets, has been on Fox more than I care to look up, has been in movies, and much more.
In short, he not only hasn’t lacked for an opportunity to exercise his right to free speech, he’s often been (well) paid for it.


Augustus Sol Invictus, unsurprisingly née Austin Gillespie, is a disgruntled former Libertarian who frolicked in the ripe fringes of Florida politics before deciding that the US Libertarian Party wasn’t fascistic enough for him. He is pro-eugenics, although he says he doesn’t trust the federal government to administer a national eugenics program (I supposed he thinks it should be privatized). He has multiple rants and exegesis on, of all places, LinkedIn, which drives home why the marching song, “If you’re a Nazi and you’re fired, it’s your fault” is almost reportage. He’s a Thelemite, the philosophy of choice for people who wanted to be Randian Objectivists but found that the Cliff’s Notes The Fountainhead wasn’t esoteric enough.

In addition to his LinkedIn manifestos, he has, of course, his own website, The Revolutionary Conservative, and, of course, a youtube channel & facebook page with many thousand followers. Again, a man not lacking a soapbox for free speech.


Joe Biggs was an InfoWars, insert-word-here-that-doesn’t-mean-journalist who became known for pushing the Pizzagate conspiracy. 12,691 people subscribe to his youtube channel. He contributes in some way to a website called Rogue Right Media, which is an anti-Semitic, pro-violence mishmash of fake news and far-right talking points—the sort of thing you might read if you don’t think InfoWars is paranoid enough. He thinks George Soros is a terrorist whose assets should be seized under RICO. I can’t keep reading his website so go look at it yourself.

Shiva Ayyurdurai has been covered on UHub elsewhere. My words, not Adam’s: he’s a con artist. Check out his campaign site shiva4senate, Wikipedia page, and social media, and make up your mind on that. He has been interviewed on national and local mainstream media, as well as InfoWars and its ilk. He has been published often, has almost 50,000 twitter followers, and has many many opportunities to exercise his First Amendment rights even as he uses the courts to try to deprive others of theirs.

In fairness to Brandon Navom, I don’t see anything fascistic or bigoted in his web footprint. He hangs with some nutters—antivaxxers, anti-flouride activists, the government wants to indefinitely imprison you, et cetera—but unlike all the others listed so far, no hatemongering that I could see. I was able to find this out because he has a robust online presence, even before becoming involved with Shiva Ayyurdurai’s campaign. And he ran for Lowell City Council, so he even has some local media coverage. Though not as public a figure as the other speakers, he had ample outlets for his point of view, exercised them, and had followers.

(edited for typos & fatigue-spelling)