Teens charged with beating Keytar Bear released to parents; ordered to stay away from Faneuil Hall area

The three New Hampshire teens charged with beating Keytar Bear - from Londonderry, Salem and Manchester - were ordered to stay away from Faneuil Hall and Keytar Bear at their arraignments today on charges of delinquency for assault and battery and disorderly conduct, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to the DA's office, several bystanders rushed to Keytar Bear's aid after he was attacked outside 60 State St. - and pointed out the fleeing alleged punks to police:

Boston Police officers observed the three charged juveniles climbing scaffolding on Devonshire Street in an attempt to elude them. Officers ordered them down, at which point one allegedly said, “I am a juvenile, we did nothing wrong.”



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    Quote could be out of context

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    What I want to know is: have these kids been ganging up on other kids at school, or did they save up all their evil stupid, all year, to come to Boston, and attack some guy who is working, in an enclosed costume in this heat?


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    The punks should be charged as adults, given the charges. Period.

    I completely disagree.

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    If we don't think it's appropriate to differentiate between juveniles and adults, let's go ahead and change the law wholesale. Until then, let's go ahead and recognize that teenagers do dumb shit that is sometimes way over-the-top. Still, while the consequences may be the same as if the offenders were adults, the thought process and ability to make good decisions is decidedly different.

    Then again, I'm a rehabilitation kind of guy, not a vengeance kind of guy.

    Adult Age

    Lowering the "Adult" age seems reasonable to me. I also don't see why we can't phase in punishments such that violent crime at 16 goes to the press and on a permanent record whereas shoplifting does not.

    Sure, let's debate changing the policy

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    I'm all for debating the appropriate age for this or that as it relates to felonies committed by minors. But let's do it cautiously and thinking about the big picture, rather than being colored by the details of one specific instance of a crime.

    you are pretty out of touch with the laws in Massachusetts

    2 years ago the age for a juvenile was raised from 17 to 18. There is currently a bill in the senate to raise it to 21

    Bill S.947

    I guess it depends on whether you want to punish people or reduce crime. Juveniles tend to have higher bail and are detained for reasons that don't apply to adults like "running away".

    Good Job BPD

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    I have the utmost respect for the men and women of Boston's finest.It must get very frustrating to chase and arrest these punks knowing the courts will play lets make a deal with their lawyers and their punishment will be a slap in the wrist.


    "Released to parents" today, which at least means they spent the weekend in jail. A fathers day their parents won't forget soon. Hopefully they'll be punished by their parents, if not by the courts. The parents are going to have a fun few months driving them into Boston for the court cases, and spending their own money on lawyers.


    Any kid who commit these sorts of crimes has lousy parents who aren't the type to care about father's day. These kids didn't grow up building soapbox cars and struggling with math homework together.

    Sure about that?

    We don't know anything about these teenagers. They might all come from "strong" nuclear families with two incomes and a car that M&D bought them. The reason I say that is because they are from three different towns and probably three different high schools. Therefore, these kids probably know each other from something outside of high school like club sports or summer camp. They probably thought that they wouldn't get called out or caught for acting like they are above the law. For me this incident screams of privilege more than poverty.

    Still bad parenting in the mix

    You can be a rich bad parent, after all.

    I'm not entirely blaming the kids folks, just strongly speculating they didn't have good morals imparted to them growing up. This goes well beyond teenage rebellion.

    Try the research

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    Parents account for less influence and control than you seem to think

    Exhibits A and B: Whitey Bulger and Billy Bulger had the same parents.

    Armchair quarterbacking much?

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    I take it you aren't familiar with parents who did all the right things, but their kids still ended up antisocial as fuck, because some aspects of mental health are just roll of the dice?

    Not necessarily. They

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    Not necessarily. They probably bailed out a few hours after their arrest for a very small amount given their age. That only buys their freedom until arraignment. At arraignment the judge can increase the bail amount for the period leading up to the trial date. Sounds more like the judge tussled their hair and told them to behave until trial.

    Does the DA cut the same

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    Does the DA cut the same slack to other minors, say those who live in Boston? How about Mr Keytar Bear? is he satisfied justice has been done?

    DA asked for $1,500 bail apiece

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    Your beef is with the judge. In any case, the purpose of bail is to ensure the accused person shows up in court, not as punishment. because, you know, innocent until proven guilty and all that.

    As for special treatment, you must be new here, so welcome to UHub! At least, I assume that, because otherwise you somehow missed the complaints about bail that occur on the regular here about Boston suspects.

    If I was Keytar Bear

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    If I was Keytar Bear, I'd be very upset with the judge. Considering how regularly he is attacked, a slap on the wrist does very little to deter future incidents. Maybe he is more forgiving than I, but perhaps it's time to set a precedent so this insanity stops. Seriously, running across Keytar Bear always makes my day. Why do lunatics and little thugs want to do things like this?

    Thugs and loons think a guy

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    Thugs and loons think a guy in a costume isn't going to see well enough or be able to defend themselves. There's also a dehumanizing aspect of a person in costume which emboldens assholes already ok with beating up random strangers.

    Why does he keep getting attacked?

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    Anyone have thoughts as to why this keeps happening to him? Is he giving people shit when they stop but don't tip? There has to be something that is causing him to be a target. I doubt its the bear suit.

    Faneuil Hall?

    The kids were ordered to stay away form the Faneuil Hall area? How about they stay away from all of Boston....