Teens ordered to write essays on the Fisherman's Feast as part of punishment for North End carousing

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports 28 teens caught drinking in public were ordered by a judge today to write five-page essays on the importance of the Fisherman's Feast and do 15 hours of community service - just not in the North End, from which they were barred unless accompanied by a parent. All are between 15 and 17.



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    Unless accompanied by their parents? Parents who either don't know what their kids are doing or just don't care? Like that is ever going to happen.

    They aren't infants

    What they did was annoying and disruptive, didn't involve guns, and wouldn't have been arrest-worthy 35 years ago.

    I don't know what planet you grew up on, but teens don't have to be chaperoned until they are 18. They have jobs, the older ones drive, etc. Back when grade skipping was in vogue, I wasn't even the youngest in my class at barely 17.

    The ones that are coddled and supervised by parents 24/7 end up in a sad state when they get to college - if they can even manage to leave home.

    See also: every 50s nostalgia flick like ever.

    That's the idea, isn't it?

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    If the objective is to keep them out of the NE altogether, then the parental accompaniment requirement means they're very unlikely to return.

    Check those essays

    Run 'em through Turnitin and give each kid an oral pop quiz on the paper. That will catch the dumber ones who snagged a copy online or hired someone to write it, but were too stupid to learn it.

    If found to have plagiarized, increase the sentence.

    Hey judge

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    Your a f##÷:;:cking judge not a teacher.

    At this age

    Parents are supposed to be teachers.

    I guess when your kids are 40 you are off the hook?


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    The defendants are between 15 and 17. Why do you not like the sentence?

    I think it's clever, might get the kids to sit and think about what they've done,


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    I like this if it's meaningful...

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    That's a creative and harsh (under MA precedent) disposition for juveniles. If the judge actually checks their work and finds an appreciation of the feast, it's a good disposition.

    I like this. This will

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    I like this. This will actually make the kids think, although they must be checked for originality.

    Honestly, I've gone to the St. Anthony's feast for years but stopped going about 10 years ago due to life. I went a couple of years ago with friends and it was so miserable. You couldn't even move.

    It's too crowded now which is a shame. I love the music and food and was lucky enough last time to get a spot near the band.

    I remember going back in the 70's finding nice handsome Italian boys to hang out with, we had a blast.

    St. Anthony's / St. Lucy's fest

    Usually St. Lucy's is an afterthought on the Monday after St. Anthony's, but this year it has been moved to Thursday night before St. Anthony's. Anyone know why?

    St Lucy's on the move

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    My neighbors run St.Anthony's. The organization moved the date of St. Lucy to the front of the feast schedule in recognition of the feast/saint as well as the fact that the Monday date does not give it its due. And, by Sunday night, feast organizers are exhausted.

    Wikipedia here we come!

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    Wikipedia here we come! Doubt these kids know anything without Google. I think we should make it interesting. Make them write it in cursive.