Teens who discovered Boston Garden owed millions for a JP rec center wonder what else the Garden forgot about

The Jamaica Plain teenagers who uncovered an unkept agreement by the owners of the Garden to hold yearly benefits for a recreation center as a condition of city approval of the new Garden more than two decades ago have filed a formal request with the BPDA for documentation on all the promises they made related to both the Garden and the large mixed-use development now springing up around it.

Through the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice, the Hyde Square Task Force teens today filed a public-records request with the agency formerly known as the BRA for all documents related to Delaware North's $1-billion Hub on Causeway project.

Committee lawyers said they were particularly interested in any community-benefits promises Delaware North might have made as part of the BRA approval process for the project.



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Economic Justice

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Hyde Square Task Force Teens are dope A.F.!

Keep doing great things for the city!

Good for them!

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Great to see teens getting involved to help their communities while shaking up the powers-that-be.

If I recall correctly, the

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If I recall correctly, the BRA never had very good recordkeeping-- what other developer promises all over Boston have yet to be fulfilled?

John Hancock Top Floor

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It's now Jack Connor's office. Public access went poof! after 9/11


BRA has excellent record keeping -- they are great at keeping records away from the public.


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And when they changed the website, it just so happened 90% of the older documents didn't change over either. I swear the name change was just an excuse to purge the website of almost all old project documents.

How does it work?

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It doesn't, very well, because it almost doesn't exist anymore. Just like the Boston Globe itself.

Good on ya, kids. Give 'em hell!!

Nice of you to ask.

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

George Orwell

Keep digging!

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There are plenty of stones to turn over.

Cant wait till someone anonymously slips them the documents for the public hancock tower observation deck....

The past predicts the future

I can't help feeling (while tracking this story) that what these young citizens uncovered is simply a reflection of the historic cronyism, ignorance and utter incompetence of our elected city and state leadership. Barely a year into the GE sweetheart deal that was forged by Baker & Walsh, the building of the GE Hqs. has been postpone, job are being cut or eliminated and the company is embarking on a complete restructuring. Fast forward two years out and anticipate what is going to happen.

Meantime, God only knows what has been unofficially committed to Amazon as it pits one municipality against another in their scheme to get a bunch of "incentives" on the sort of promise to bring "50,000" jobs to Boston. We never learn, do we?


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While you are at it can you figure out how the Jacobs brothers managed to fleece the MBTA out of the underground parking garage and the lobby of the Garden.


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Hats off to the Hyde Square Task Force teens!

Keep up the good work. No doubt the Waterfront and Fenway have some forgotten promises.

The agency-formerly-known as the BRA will not self-inspect. Too much real estate $ and future private sector job prospects at stake.