There goes the sun

Eclipse over Allston

Bob posted this photo of the eclipse over Allston, shortly after 2 p.m.

Meanwhile, over at MIT:

Watching the eclipse at MIT

JF was among the eclipse revelers:

All kinds of pinholes, glasses, and scopes to try out.



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    How about...

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    People who put out space-savers.
    For viewing the eclipse.

    More watchers

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    I wonder

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    Maybe it's all a big joke. I find it hard to take that seriously. If this guy had ever gone up in a plane, he'd know this is all BS.

    I spent too long reading the

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    I spent too long reading the website. They have weather balloon stills and video which he claims, straight-faced, prove that the horizon is flat from left to right, forever. Ignoring everything about perspective... physics... reality... The other "hoaxes" he claims are perpetrated upon us by our government and religious institutions help identify him as 100% not based in reality, but if it is indeed some sort of satire, well, it invokes Poe's Law with deadly righteousness.


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    We only got to 60% plus the light falling off is orders of magnitude.

    Even the difference in brightness between 99%, 99.5%, 99.9% is astounding. That sucker cooks.

    It was noticeable

    To me it seemed like it was suddenly an August evening at 7:30 in Dublin or Vancouver rather than mid-day at a lower latitude.

    The temperature also dropped about 3 degrees from 1pm to 2:30pm.

    The color of the light was also kind of odd.

    felt same way ...

    The key was those silly glasses, I could not see much change in the total light change just standing around outside in Kendall Square but when I borrowed glasses from a nearby coworker it was really easy (and very cool) to see the moon crossing over the sun. Without the glasses the experience was just kinda bland.

    Now a full/total eclipse is different. I got to see one of those total-coverage ones while in Germany many many years ago and for a few minutes before and after totality the light around us had this really trippy/erie quality about it that I can't easily explain. It almost felt like the light around us had gone 'fuzzy' for a few minutes. Makes me want to travel again to the next full eclipse just to see if the light gets weird again ...

    As a Vermont native it

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    As a Vermont native it excites me that an eclipse will go right through Burlington. One just has to watch the weather forecasts. I wouldn't go out of my way to chase an eclipse because you never know when to comes to clouds. Yesterday, I watched some live coverage as it hit Oregon and looked at it briefly with a pinhole when it peaked here.


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    Wikipedia has even started documenting the future!!!!

    People are awesome

    Lots of folks on the South Lawn of the Prudential Center, including several who very kindly shared their glasses, so I got a couple of great looks. I tried the "selfie with my tablet" method without success. I too was expecting the sky to get darker.

    City Hall Plaza

    Fun scene - people wandering around with their faces stuffed in cereal boxes.

    A guy had a telescope with a filter set up and was sharing - he should have had a tip jar for a favorite charity, he was so popular.

    Eclipse farce!

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    Should have invested in a truckload of "eclipse glasses" at $3.99 a pair a month ago, $50 a pair today.

    Sorry to be a spoil sport

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    Those foil and cereal box contraptions and various other pinhole devices never work. They didn't work in the 70s when I tried it and they don't work now. Plus, all you'd be looking at even if they did work would be a shadow on a piece of paper that could be anything. Entirely underwhelming.

    actually they do work

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    So does a colander...

    Here's my buddy's colander (who was in NH)


    The trick is you need DIRECT sunlight. No clouds, no haze.. I was using a pinhole on a piece of paper for a while the high deck of clouds came in..

    Either they do work

    Or there were people leaving my building, where the sun was directly over head, sticking their faces in and going OMGWOW!!!!!!!!! for dramatic effect.

    My cousins in Oregon did the colanders, too. Such a cool trick!

    I was at Saratoga

    Saw it through borrowed glasses, poked a hole in a piece of paper and projected a crescent onto the ground, and got a good look of crescent patterns on the ground as projected through leaves on a tree.

    Hit the trifecta, so to speak. Even track announcer Larry Collmus reminded the fans not to look at the sun. NASA's coverage feed was on the simulcast monitors as well. We got 66% coverage here.

    Almost, but not quite

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    "I hear you went up to Saratoga
    And your horse naturally won
    Then you flew your Lear Jet up to Nova Scotia
    To see the total eclipse of the sun..."

    March of the eclipse

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    Melissa photographed the eclipse on her desk in Chelmsford, as filtered through her window blinds:

    Eclipse on a desk