There's nobody to give out fines for dead trains on the Orange and Red lines

The T says it's gotten the track-repair equipment that gummed up the Red Line at Andrew off the tracks, but that the Orange Line is still having problems due to an Orange Line train that bought the farm earlier at Downtown Crossing.



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I don't understand... was the

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I don't understand... was the equipment accidentally left on the tracks last night? Or was it placed next to the tracks and it took a pratfall onto them this morning?

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It was a work truck that

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It was a work truck that derailed its special steel wheels that let it operate on tracks

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my coworker was on the

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my coworker was on the Redline inbound from Ashmont at 6 ish AM when this happened. they were herded on to T busses, brought to Andrew. loaded and unloaded 3 times from the bus then, after 2 of the shuttle buses left, the driver of my co-worker's bus asked the passengers how to get to Park Street because they were suppose to follow the other buses but lagged behind with all the loading and unloading. can't make this stuff up. will change only come after a massive disaster that leaves dead bodies? what will it take to clean up the T's act?

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