They could have a UHub caucus on the Chelsea City Council

Longtime Universal Hub kibbitzer and photographer Matt Frank is a Chelsea city councilor in District 3. And now our own Cybah, a.k.a. Kris Haight, has been certified for the fall ballot as a candidate in District 6.



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of course y'all know my real name now :-)

It's alot of work.. and a lot of work ahead. But change starts at a local level.. which is the main reason why I ran.


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That is an old joke.. but at least you knew how to say my last name. Most don't....

After ten years of being on

After ten years of being on the Council and close to fifteen years of either running or helping others run I have decided to step back and not run again this year so I can focus on my day job and other projects. Although I will still do my best to highlight positive things in and around Chelsea!

Kris has my support and with any luck as I step off the dais in January he will be stepping up, thereby creating an uninterrupted flow.