Thieving Suffolk Law student pleads guilty to tampering with court records

David Scher, a former Suffolk Law student, today pleaded guilty to trying to alter court documents to try to change his Guilty finding for stealing a laptop from the school to Not Guilty, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office. reports.

Scher was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in jail, but will only have to serve a year in jail as long as he stays out of trouble for two years after his release, the DA's office says.

Scher, who received a suspended sentence for laptop theft in 2014, was indicted last year on charges of tampering with a court document, forgery, perjury, and uttering a false document.

Prosecutors charged he requested his docket folder from the clerk's office - such folders are normally public records - changed the page reading "Guilty" to "Not Guilty" and then started using that finding in an attempt to rebuild his life. This included citing the document in an appeal to the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services to revise his record and at a hearing after his conviction on whether he left the scene of a car accident in violation of his suspended-sentence ruling.

Officials say Scher was undone by the fact that both the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services and the Probation Department now keep records electronically, in addition to relying on paper records held in courthouse storage.



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Career Change

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This young man has Senator written all over him.

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Originals City Stenographer Steno Records removed from City Hall

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The Originals of the City Stenographer Steno Records of Public Meetings of Boston City Council are removed from City Hall for editing at home. State Guidelines for municipal records are Originals never removed from City Hall and editing Copies

Get to know RAIN Records and Archives in the News

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Re: theszak: Are you serious they take the city records home?

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theszak, I enjoy your posts, are you saying that city officials are taking paperwork home to "edit" and change the public record? At home?

Even the far-left Boston Globe wonders if we'll have a City Hall corruption trial. If this is true, the sooner the better.

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Practices for editing Minutes of Public Meetings of City Council

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Practices for the editing of the City Stenographer Stenographic Record of Public Meetings of Boston City Council need to be gone over step by step confirming greater accuracy. For example the Additional File of acronyms, abbreviations, shortcut phrases could be checked for accuracy by not removing Originals of the Additional File from City Hall for home editing.

City Contract "Article 2 -- Performance" Article 2.3 indicate the Additional File of acronyms, abbreviations, shortcut phrases as City Property for it's edited and added to in the Council Chamber during Public Meetings of Boston City Council. Stenographic Services Contract available by email from Contract Awarding Authority michelle.wu at

__________ COPY __________
"Awarding Authority/Official
"It Is My Belief That There Is Little Or No Risk Of Default Or Unsatisfactory Performance By The Vendor/Contractor
"Signature Michelle Wu Digitally signed by Michelle Wu
"Date: 2016.10.06 14:17:41 -04'00'
"michelle.wu at

"Contract ID: 00000 00000 00000 00000 43100

"City Of Boston
"Standard Contract General Conditions...

"Page 3 of 11
"Article 2 -- Performance...
"All work papers, reports, questionnaires and other written materials prepared or collected by the Contractor in the course of completing the work to be performed under this Contract shall at all times be the exclusive property of the City."

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You are clueless as usual

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The minutes of a meeting are not O-FISH-L until they are read and accepted at the next meeting.

Editing them and cleaning them up is part of this process. If the edits introduce errors, they can be corrected and accepted "as corrected".

I know you don't like rules (except the ones you invent for your own purposes), but that's Robert's Rules.

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Decyphering Additional File needed for the Steno Record

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Minutes of Public Meetings of Boston City Council are edited from the City Stenographer Stenographic Record.

Boston City Council, unfamiliar with the technology, mistakenly claim the English language full Stenographic Record doesn't exist ! Boston City Council President/Contract Awarding Authority Wu keeps out of reach the full encoded Stenographic Record, a computer file and the needed decyphering Additional Computer File of acronyms, abbreviations, shortcut phrases, etc.

Overarching, a poor customers services attitude of Council Central Staff keep many public documents of Boston City Council out of reach. Council President Wu improved response a bit. More improvement needed for a Boston City Council open to enquiry and enthusiastic about communicating how things actually work in the Council Chamber and in the Council Offices.

A solution would be promote the City Stenographer to a City administrative role then get a more up to date computer technology and software savvy type to make a more user friendly document. Current format for City Council Minutes obscures.

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Since the stenographer is a contractor...

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...wouldn't his or her source info be private? The end result, the minutes, would be public records, since they are accepted by the Council.

Conversely, are you saying the minutes do not reflect what happened at City Council meetings?

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Wait a second

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After posting what I did, I checked your link. There is nothing that prohibits a stenographer from doing work outside a city or town hall. The only requirement is for the clerk to retain meeting records permanently, which is something very different.

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David Scher

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There is more information on David Scher.

He pleaded guilty on April 14, 2017 for leaving the scene of an accident, causing bodily injury, running a red light, and driving without insurance for an accident which occurred on June 13, 2014. Over the course of that time, there were over 20 times when Scher appeared in Brighton Municipal Court where he hired/fired a number of public defenders, decided to defend himself (pro se), made motions to have the case dismissed and made a total mockery of the the court system. He even pleaded guilty in Feb. of this year, and when the judge sentenced him to jail, he withdrew his plea.

Last week he plead guilty for his crimes and was sentenced to 2 years in the house of corrections with 6 months to serve. He asked to be given a day to get his affairs in order and was fitted with a GPS device. He also asked for an extra day so he didn't have to be hauled away in front of his parents (who he sued a few years ago for not selling him a boat - see below) which was another great side show for the benefit of the court.

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