Things could get ruff at DCR dog-park meeting in Hyde Park

Backers of a plan to turn a needle-infested, abandoned recreation complex in Stony Brook Reservation into a dog park get a chance to convince DCR to let them go forward at a meeting in Hyde Park on Tuesday.

The session starts at 6:30 p.m. at the municipal building, 1739 River St.

The irresistible force that is the Dog Park Association of Southwest Boston has run full force into the immovable object that is state Rep. Angelo Scaccia (D-Hyde Park), who has been doggedly fighting the proposal for a couple years now.

At issue is the Thompson Center, which long ago stopped serving the recreational needs of kids with disabilities and which now slowly rots into the surrounding forest, used by drug addicts, graffiti artists and, ironically, some neighbors who use it to walk their dogs.

The dog-park association has raised money for plans for their proposed park and say they would raise money to slowly rehab the center into a state-of-the-art facility that would also be open to picnickers and other non dog-owners.



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    In other dog park news

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    Any update on the Fallon field situation? I'd bet a lot money that field is covered in dog turds at this point, just in time for spring rec use.

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    Good observation,

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    All the more reason for a dedicated Dog Park at the former Thompson Center.

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    Adam should run

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    For Scaccia's seat. Seems this guy has been on the losing end of history for years: anti gay-marriage, anti-Wegman's, anti-dog-park. Is there anything he *does* like? Time for him to go.

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    Steve Murphy?

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    I bet he likes Steve Murphy.

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    Scaccia personally appealed to me to vote for Steve Murphy, while blocking access to my polling place.

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    Right???? Enough with him. It's time for some new blood that actually gives a crap about making HP beautiful again!

    Time to retire, Angelo.

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