The things you learn when you fall on the Green Line tracks at Park Street

Corrected to note it was the Green Line, not the Red Line.

Lisa Johnson recounts the day she was rushing to the Green Line when she swerved to get around somebody near the yellow warning strip, lost her balance and fell on the tracks:

I think I may have been in shock, because I was just lying on the tracks trying to get my bearings. I don’t remember if it was me actively trying to get up and people grabbing my hands as I reached up or people just grabbing my hands and pulling me up. Either way, there were two sets of hands pulling me up.



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Are an entertaining tough bunch who when they see something they do something.

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oh idk

doing the right thing at no real personal risk

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Not Necessarily

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Someone on the tracks might pull someone else down onto the tracks, either on purpose or by accident, right? And any time someone falls into the pit, the assumption would be that the person falls off balance with possible third rail contact a possibility.


P.S. Back in my young and stupid days (as opposed to my old and stupid days now) I once voluntarily jumped into the pit because I saw paper money down there and I wanted it. Turned out to be a twenty and I was thrilled to have it because those were also my young and broke days. Anyway, I was somewhat athletic, so I was able to boost myself back up by my own arm strength, but someone trying to pull someone else up, especially if that person is dazed and confused, might not find it an easy task. I judge, from my own experience down there, that a rescuer could easily be pulled into the pit.

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Green Line Tracks

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I was coming upstairs from the Red Line and saw the E Train coming around the corner. That's where I took off running. Lucky for me it was the tracks on the Green Line where I fell, so no danger with the third rail.

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The woman was lucky that she didn't get electrocuted on the third rail (or was the third rail turned off?), and that people were able to help get her out of the track bed in time.

Glad she's okay.

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None of the rails on the

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None of the rails on the green line are electrified, so the person who fell was in little to no danger of electrocution. But the red line does use electrified rails, hence the question about on which particular line this occurred.

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