Thumbs down on thumbs up for now

I've turned off comment rating for now. I think that system was dragging the rest of the site down, and I figured keeping the site up in general was more important than letting folks vote on comments until I can figure out what is going on (especially since you can't vote anyway if the site's down).



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      you aren't kidding you turned off thumbs up.

      I tried to copy and paste a thumbs up image and it gave me an error and didn't post it in the comment section. Probably a formatting thingy - hope I didn't crash the site!!! ;-)


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      You had this problem before.. which is why you shut off voting on posts older than a few weeks.

      Voting just is meh. But we get it. Rather have recent news than a CloudFlare page of a week or so old stories, especially on election day.

      I also think you might have increased traffic due to said election...


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      There might be a couple of things going on. I've noticed spammers have cracked the anti-spam stuff I have (that you're not seeing their comments is because they have not yet cracked the fact that anonymous comments don't go up automatically), so maybe as part of their form submission barrage, they're also clicking on all the thumbs-up links.

      But, also, the main database table that holds vote data is now up to more than 9 million entries. The other day, I tried optimizing that table, it took a long, long time. Maybe it's time to prune it back (like delete votes on comments older than X months or years).


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      Or maybe there's a better voting module out there?

      It sounds like every vote was getting some sort of date/comment_id/user_id combination key that meant a single user couldn't upvote the hell out of a single comment. I'd hope that the actual number displayed would have been coming out of a summary table that just had comment_id/total_votes in it or something for display/loading purposes. Of course, if someone clicked on a voting link, then I could see how looking through the other table to confirm whether the system should let them vote or not could take a while as the table grew. But then, maybe that table should just prevent you from voting a second time per day or per week (by being cleansed every so often). So, sure, if you want to go back and vote a month later to try and jack up the total on something, feel free...we'll see you in a month again. In a year you could add 11 extra votes...woohoo!

      But I don't design these things. I just find their bugs.

      There are actually two tables

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      Which I haven't looked at in depth yet, but it seems like one just held every single vote, ever, while the other was a summary table that was used to build the results on pages. But there are a lot of pages and a lot of comments now, so even that table was getting relatively large. And if spambots were hitting all the links on just the four weeks worth of comments where the function is actually live, that's a lot of extra data heading into the database all at once.

      In any case, since I turned off the rating module, the site seems to have become pretty steady (fingers crossed). Still not as fast as it could be, but there are other things I've need to work on for awhile :-).

      Out of curiousity

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      are the thumbs-up actions configured to only listen for POSTs? If they're GET-able, you might have spiders indexing your pages and automatically clicking thumbs-up on everything without meaning to.

      Thumb Up

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      On the decision.

      Was going to give

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      a thumbs up on that comment.
      I don't miss the option. It was distracting and didn't really add to the discussion.

      Please Hurry.

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      My self-worth is entirely based on the popularity of my U-Hub comments, so I more or less need them to survive.

      I trust this comment would have gotten 20+ thumbs-ups alone.


      What a day

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      I got 280 characters on twitter, but lost my affirmation on UHub.