That time Boston got a full eclipse

Lisa Johnson reports she recently came across a clipping of a poem about a 1715 eclipse in England - that had a more recent account of a Boston eclipse written on it:

What’s especially fascinating about the clipping of this poem, besides the coffee stains, is that my great aunt wrote on it. She wrote that on August 31,1932, she and two of her sisters stood together on Tremont Street in downtown Boston at St. Paul's Cathedral across from the Park Street T station to view the eclipse.

News photographer Leslie Jones captured the eclipse, along with some preparations for it.



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    Yeah I know

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    Not sure why people in New England are getting excited for a 60% coverage eclipse... when in 7 years we will have a full coverage one pass nearly over us here in Boston.

    And besides.. people forget we had an annular eclipse here in 1994 which was pretty damn cool if I remember.

    You answered your own

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    You answered your own question. People are exceited because it cool. It's also a rare event. 60% is better than 0%.

    I'm with Cybah

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    The '94 one was cooler than this one. The 2024 one, on the other hand, will put this one to shame.

    I take it the Turkey's will

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    I take it the Turkey's will take advantage of the mid day darkness to 'liberate' Brookline or something.


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    I'm looking forward to it despite the fact that we won't see the eclipse at even near totality.

    With all of the BS going on in the world it's nice for people to be able to look forward to a natural phenomenon despite our differences.


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    Are they that stupid they need to be told not to stare at it with the naked eye?

    They deny climate change too

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    So sure. There's a bunch of reasons people are ignorant of science.

    A friend posted that he walked by someone earlier who was planning on using imax 3d glasses to watch it and had to kindly ask if he was trying to go blind.

    no subject

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    IMAGE(<a href="">

    At least Barron has some sense.

    I know PHDs that still stick

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    I know PHDs that still stick forks into plugged in toasters and have nearly killed themselves (GFI outlets for the save) repeatedly reaching for plugged in electric appliances (hair dryers, curling irons, and power tools) they've dropped into wet locations.

    Modern safety standards have robbed nature of its ability to cull humanity through deadly punishment of absent minded stupidity.

    At 60% you don't probably

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    At 60% you don't probably need to be told, but when you get to 99% coverage yes, you do need to be told. The sun becomes dim enough you can comfortably stare at it with the naked eye, but it's still intense enough to burn spots in your your retina.