That time Nazis tried to picket a movie about the founding of Israel

Here's a Harvard Crimson account of the day in 1961 when George Lincoln Rockwell and some other American Nazis showed up at the Saxon Theater (now the Cutler Majestic) on Tremont Street to protest the showing of "Exodus."

The crowd of 500 anti-pickets, composed mainly of refugees from Nazi concentration camps, college students, and labor unionists, sent up a loud yell and descended on the khaki-uniformed men wearing swastika arm bands as they emerged from a car near the theatre.

Most of the 125 uniformed policemen and 30 plainclothesmen on the scene rushed to save the Nazis from the screaming, egg-throwing crowd.




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Only five days before JFK's inauguration, Nazi's empowered

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The article is dated January 16, 1961 and refers to events the day before, making it 5 days before the inauguration of JFK. By all accounts, that presidential election was stolen in Chicago by the mafia at the request of Hitler fan, unabashed Jew hater and racist Jospeh P. Kennedy on behalf of his son JFK. No wonder the Nazi crowd felt empowered in the Kennedy's hometown of Boston. They were among friends. Great job by the BPD and true (Ve-Ri-Tas) Harvard students in 1961 who stopped this. Harvard students in 2017 should honor the tradition and demand removal of all honors to the Kennedy family and other Nazi sympathizers.

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Don't you have anything

Don't you have anything better to do with your time than troll random people on the internet? You are such a pathetic loser.

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Pathetic loser? The post was initiated by Adam

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Pathetic loser? The post was initiated by Adam, who failed to note that the Nazi's arrived in Boston five days before the swearing-in of the son of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., one of the most pro-Nazi officials in US history and the pride of Boston Latin School and Harvard, no less. It was nice to see the Harvard students come out against the Nazi's in 1961. Better things to do than stand up against antisemitism? Nah, I've spoken for the minorities and downtrodden all of my life. As Jesus said, "whatever you do for the least of my people, you do for me."

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and in fact there is a bible quote just for this situation

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Nah, I've spoken for the minorities and downtrodden all of my life. As Jesus said, "whatever you do for the least of my people, you do for me."

That reminds me of John 25:13:

And as Jesus the son of THE LORD God did suffer on the cross, washing mankind of their sins, so too did O-FISH-L suffer on the Internet for being criticized, despite being like soooo correct about Harvard in the early Cold War era.

Can I just say: amen to that.

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Fish the Man Who Can Turn Lead into Gold

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Fishy baby. Let me see if I get this straight. You're stating that the 4 Nazis (not a crowd of Nazis) felt empowered to spread their filth because John Kennedy won the Presidential election? A national election that was stolen in Chicago. An election somehow stolen by the mafia. And that the mafia stole the election for Kennedy as a favor or maybe because Joe Kennedy paid them?

Break down your claim and the absurdity is as throbbing red as a cartoon character whose thumb was just pummeled by a hammer.

That's not just a leap of fantasy you're making. It's a magical incantation that is beyond the power of the Deity to conjure.

Somehow it makes sense that you would create a story to connect Kennedys to 4 Nazi idiots. It even makes more sense that you would create a lunatic's comparison of Harvard students in the 1961 situation to Harvard students today and then create an association between "the Kennedy family and other Nazi sympathizers."

We all owe you credit for giving such a good example of how to create an insane story from just a few bits of information. Congratulations. You win the award for who can create the biggest fantasy of caca and poppy cock today.

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I must say, I'm impressed

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When did you find the time in your busy schedule to take a creative-writing class?

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Death by association

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Bobby Kennedy was such a proponent of Jews and Israel that a Palestinian named Sirhan Sirhan shot him dead as he campaigned for President.

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Picture in The Tam

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The Tam has a great picture of the protest (and I think the counter protest) in front of the movie Marquee.

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The Crimson's entire archive

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The Crimson's entire archive back to 1873 is available on the web, for free. It's an amazing source of first-hand accounts of local history.

Sometimes the "related articles" links at the bottom of every page will dig up some bizarre ancient treasures. You could be reading an article from today's paper, and there will be a link to an article from 1949 about plans to redo the Harvard Square traffic pattern, which at the time involved a policeman in a booth yelling at people over a loudspeaker. And then that article could have a link to an article from 1892 providing information about how to buy a pair of tickets to the Freshman Smoker.

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Who protests against Paul Newman? Why if I wasn't waiting to be born two months later, I would have joined the counter demonstrators. Exodus was a great movie and stands up well today. The book by Leon Iris is even better.

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