Boston has a long tradition of banning boozing while you vote

No smoking or liquor in Boston polling places

Back in the day, Boston voters had to be reminded not to drink. Also, lady voters needed their own instructions.

Image from the Boston City Archives used under this Creative Commons license.



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    In 100 years people will question why ever sign was in Helvetica or Times New Roman.

    By then Comic Sans will be the default for all formal signs.

    Gotta break that text up

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    Gotta break that text up somehow and the options were limited. Not like they could just jump into Photoshop and shade different box colors

    Of course they banned drinking in polling places

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    Can you imagine the bureaucratic nightmare if every polling place had to appear before the Licensing Board to get a liquor permit?

    OTOH, perhaps it would encourage more people to get out and vote. Joe's Bar, Grill, and Precinct 7 Polling.

    So wrong

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    As a Quincy resident and voter, knocking back a few pops is the only way that I can cope with the woefully limited number viable candidates among a sea of scoundrels and worse running for local offices.